down payment in a sentence

Example sentences for down payment

Bringing in partners is a down payment on satisfied new faculty.
Six years should be the max length of a car loan and there needs to be increasing down payment requirements for longer loans.
It swiftly opened a local office, made a down payment and prepared to take possession of the land.
Sometimes a subprime loan requires a lower down payment than usual, meaning borrowers will build little equity in the house.
Should you decide to go ahead with your planning, it is here that you must put a down payment to secure your date.
They secure a fixed-rate mortgage at a reasonable rate, make a down payment, and make their mortgage payments each month.
But the purchase of instant fame requires a down payment.
More often buyers will make a down payment and then pay some or all of the remainder in installments to either you or a lender.
She did not even have to come up with a down payment.
He qualified for government insurance, which meant he needed only a small down payment.
And the investment figures are net, meaning the money must be a down payment and not a mortgage.
My parents paid for my college and helped me with my first down payment.
For many low-to-moderate income homebuyers and persons with disabilities, saving money for a down payment can be a challenge.
To qualify for the special rates, you may be required to make a large down payment.
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