dowel in a sentence

Example sentences for dowel

To make the axles, use a wood screw to hold the center of each can to a half-inch-diameter wooden dowel.
One stem at a time, place the cuttings inside the dowel circle.
Trim the edges to round them, then glue them around the wood stem or dowel.
Reduced number of dowel bar across transverse joints.
Alternative dowel bar materials for transverse joint load transfer.
The next few photos show the dowel bar retrofit pavement rehabilitation process.
Alternatively, dowel bars may be mechanically placed by the paving machine.
Alternate dowel bar systems reduce the distress from corrosion that is characteristic of epoxy-coated dowel bars.
Several studies are looking at alternative dowel bar materials.
Align the dowel pin in the bottom half of the breakaway with the dowel pin guide located in the top half of the breakaway.
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