dowdy in a sentence

Example sentences for dowdy

The stage is littered with empty soda cans, dusty phonographs, articles of dowdy clothing and flung shoes.
His low-res computer graphics struck some as dowdy and irrelevant, and so did his target market.
Here are seven well-priced coats that are chic enough to break through those dowdy gray clouds.
In its new marketing campaign, the footwear company is trying to move beyond the image of its dowdy clog original.
And if it wasn't the apron, it was its dowdy relative, the housedress.
If they are able to find easy-access clothing, it is often dowdy.
Underneath her rolls of fat and dowdy dresses beats the heart of a peevish grandame.
These are good dowdy stocks for downturns in the market.
It is a conventional and even dowdy uniform if one wears it without some wink of impiety.
After a decade or so of frenzied development, the region's once-dowdy urban landscapes have changed beyond recognition.
He bought a dowdy department store and restored its lost glitter.
It is gravy with a veggie punch, dowdy and tonic, a soft green blanket of succor.
She is decidedly dowdy and mannish, and the advances of her clerk catch her by surprise.
Cheap indoor-outdoor carpet on the floor and dowdy wood paneling on the walls.
Happily, fashion designers took note of down's dowdy situation and performed a miraculous makeover.
Dowdy went over the recommendations from the sign committee regarding changes to the sign regulations.
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