doughnut in a sentence

Example sentences for doughnut

Axel begins feeding ingredients into the sausage-mixing machine's doughnut-shaped trough.
Instead, the new doughnut-shaped silicon detectors rely on measuring light frequency.
There is no need for dark energy, gravity folds space into what could be imagined as a doughnut with a singularity at the center.
Maybe it's the floor where elevators don't stop, or the doughnut that bakers don't count.
Then he spread crumbs from a doughnut to gather a flock of pigeons.
Seniors who reach the doughnut hole often cut back on medications or stop taking them altogether, endangering their health.
If you've got fruit, nuts or sugar-free gum within easy reach, that doughnut will seem far less alluring.
After a minute bobbing, he pulls them out, comparing them to doughnut holes.

Famous quotes containing the word doughnut

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