double check in a sentence

Example sentences for double check

If people are going to make comments on articles, they should provide where they got their sources, and double check their work.
Heck new airport scanner generate biometric could double check shirt and shoes are the correct size.
Oh, one thing double check the address they have for you.
Double check with the company, and also have them check next reading to make sure no one has messed with the meter.
Double check and make sure that the year of the end time didn't get messed up.
If your university or college has gotten smacked around recently for copyright issues, then double check.
So double check what they deliver, never let them near vital information and never give them credit.
For older kids, be sure to check and double check that they have everything they need.
Instead, plan ahead and double check all your accommodations.
Check and double check that you have your necessary paperwork for travel.
Double check the amount of money you receive for your currency.
When booking your train ticket, double check that your arrival and departure stations are the correct stations within each city.
Double check the blood specimen to ensure that it is sealed and labeled.
Please double check the page's address to make sure there was no misspelling.
Double check your bank account for errors and omissions.
If there are no processing limitations or exceptions, double check the information provided for accuracy.
Double check to make sure the lid is secure and the vial does not leak.
The total amount of current and prior fiscal year double check negotiations resulting during the reporting period.
We encourage you to double check this information with the responsible agency.
Please double check with other sources before relying on any information presented here.
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