dotage in a sentence

Example sentences for dotage

It would be sad injustice, the reader must understand, to represent all my excellent old friends as in their dotage.
The victors, meanwhile, hung on to power long into their dotage.
But it is also a symptom of mild paranoia about whether these firms can in their dotage still deliver perky growth.
Most rely on teaching, day jobs or rich spouses in their dotage.
They didn't react in the same way to lionesses, so it wasn't that they were becoming generally more panicky in their dotage.

Famous quotes containing the word dotage

These strong Egyptian fetters I must break, Or lose myself in dotage.... more
Tried by a New England eye, or the more practical wisdom of modern times, they are the oracles of a race already in its ... more
This is ancient Billerica (Villerica?), now in its dotage, named from the English Billericay, and whose Ind... more
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