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Example sentences for dormer

Porches wrap about the first two floors, and dormer windows punctuate the mansard roof.
We often think of window seats as existing only in built-in, recessed window casings or dormer-style nooks.
But from its three dormer windows, the views are among the best in the inn.
Application is to construct an addition and dormer and modify masonry openings.
Examples can include a large section of roofing, or a dormer or chimney.
She said the diagonal dormer changes the roofline, does not meet the guidelines and will set a precedent.
The dormer windows, decorative cornice and filigree iron cresting are other notable elements in the architecture.
The roof is often punctures by dormers and dormer windows of various shapes.
The roof has changed over the years, but still visible inside is the original framing for the dormer and doorway.
Although two dormers is typical, there may be a single dormer or as many as four.
The main block is enlarged by a half-width shed dormer and by matching entry porches projecting from the sides of the facade.
Each of the eight sloping roof planes has a pedimented dormer window centered on its vertical midline, near the eaves.
The barn has a gambrel roof with two differing pitches, and an attractive hay dormer.
The roof is hipped with projecting gables and features boxed eaves and a central hipped dormer.
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