doping in a sentence

Example sentences for doping

There is no question that pro cyclists are magnificent athletes-even without doping.
Semiconductor-grade silicon must be ultrapure before doping, or adding tiny amounts of impurities to change its conductivity.
The cast of characters implicated in major athletic doping scandals are familiar to fans who follow major sports.
Today's controversies over doping in sports focus mainly on muscles.
The fight over doping in baseball will seem quaint one day when players can dope not with drugs but with genes.
The cycling world is up in arms over allegations of doping.
When these kids try to stop their parents and doctors from doping them, they're on their own.
But a new study finds that some of the performance benefits of steroid use may persist years after an athlete stops doping.
Such lack of knowledge is generally not a viable defense in doping cases.
So he went back to his experiments, injecting dogs with the drug he had extracted from opium and doping himself and his buddies.
The great thing about it is that people are showing that anti-doping is working.
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