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Example sentences for doorbell

The best approach is the simplest: go to the ministry of state security and ring the doorbell.
Same goes if he's on the phone and the doorbell rings.
And this dog is huge, so he really looks ridiculous when he runs and jumps into my sister's bathtub whenever the doorbell rings.
He charges the door when people come to the house or ring the doorbell.
She doesn't bark when the doorbell rings or when we're out walking her.
She also goes crazy when she hears a doorbell or someone knocking, even if it is on the television.
While doing so the doorbell rang, and from across the apartment a familiar face appeared.
One night they are having dinner at his house when the doorbell rings.
She moved to another rooming-house, they located her and rang her doorbell.
It would be twice having rung the doorbell and not taken her to the dance.
It would be both a traffic jam and a logistical nightmare, not to mention the clamor of the doorbell constantly ringing.
When the doorbell rings, she's off and running for a toy and shakes it vigorously.
If your doorbell rings, you know it's your neighbor.
The voter's choice should be at the ballot box-not when an individual rings their doorbell and asks them to sign.
There, when your doorbell rings, someone may be at the neighbors' door.
Small motors such as doorbell transformers and ventilating fans are also included.
How to answer the doorbell and phone when they're home alone.
Someone placed a tall piece of fence railing against the complaint's door, then rang the doorbell and ran away.
The alarm sound should be distinct from other sounds in the house, such as the telephone, doorbell and smoke alarm.
Residents should ring the doorbell located near the main entrance of the fire station.
Anyone ringing your doorbell or knocking on your door without an unreasonable explanation.
Relocate existing fire strobe, exit sign and doorbell.
If our office is locked, please ring the doorbell to the left of the door.
The agent found that the main studio building was locked and no one answered when the agent rang the doorbell.
The dog will raise its ears as soon as it hears the doorbell.
One door is a half door with a doorbell on an electric eye.
When you arrive, please ring the doorbell, and someone will let you in.
If you have to answer the phone or doorbell, take them with you.
Then ask the guest to leave and ring the doorbell or knock on the door again.
Inspectors try to make contact with the resident by knocking on the door or ringing the doorbell.
Lutz, clothed in his full uniform, rang the doorbell.

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