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But it was the third expedition that was truly doomed.
Lacking public support, some early cell phone technology was doomed to failure.
But in his new profession he was still doomed to disappointment.
Nevertheless, the fortunes of this doomed household awaken interest and pity.
We are not, as some would have us believe, doomed to an inevitable decline.
But these were the dreams of a poet doomed at last to wake a lexicographer.
Light and air acquired a legal claim, and where the sun shines into the slum, the slum is doomed.
Popular statements as to the extreme poverty of expression to which primitive languages are doomed are simply myths.
In its present form stock-raising on the plains is doomed, and can hardly outlast the century.
The elk is unfortunately one of those animals seemingly doomed to total destruction at no distant date.
The stimulus bill's spending on infrastructure may have been doomed to mediocrity from the start.
Panic and confusion were the order of the day as the doomed installation buckled into the frigid waters.
To transplant democracy to any country is doomed to failure.
The transformation of the news business is unstoppable, and attempts to reverse it are doomed to failure.
Rather, the pursuit of a universal legally binding agreement is doomed.
But contrary to conventional wisdom, not all of these exchanges are doomed.
Those who certify dodgy accounts are not necessarily doomed to years in prison.
And even if parents try to keep the old speech alive, their efforts can be doomed by films and computer games.
But critics say this model is doomed, and that the labels will have to come up with more imaginative ways of making money.
For a while it seemed that he was doomed to be a baritone.
Chasing performance by paying higher fees might work for individual investors, but in aggregate it is doomed to fail.
The patient, although now on life support, is doomed.
Similar efforts have been doomed by copyright concerns.
However, considering its numerical dominance now, the company is not doomed.
If you are willing to infer a causal connection, the implication is that you're doomed to low wages without an education.
Unless this changes, business ethics is doomed to be an exercise in futility.
Thus some pretty strong candidates were doomed from the moment they began their teaching demonstrations, and never even knew it.
If doomed means that it will stop existing in the near future, then it is not doomed.
We've been doomed to repeat history's failures since before history was even recorded.
Still, scenes that lack these attributes are not doomed to be forgotten.
It is this consideration of head resistance which has doomed the biplane as a purely racing type.
Removing the pigs would have left the foxes as the sole diet of the eagles, and likely doomed them.
Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it.
Any model that ignores feedback is doomed from the start.
Relying on something outside yourself to change you is doomed to failure.
Such a species might be observed every day by many people, yet almost certainly doomed to extinction.
Most such comets are doomed to break apart or crash into a planet or the sun.
Without the reserves, the habitats would be doomed by logging and agriculture.
Equipment failures and impossible weather doomed my initial attempts to photograph these notoriously difficult subjects.
But since no such housing exists, they are doomed to the slum.
Other studies suggest a warming climate doomed the animals.
Survivors recalled seeing houses bob by, atilt in the swift current, the doomed families huddled at their windows.
Before long the pack had surrounded the doomed beast, lunging at it with barred fangs and yelping non-stop in a frenzy.
How these two peoples-the destined parvenu and the doomed caretaker of a continent-would have interacted is a potent mystery.
If the tadpoles in the arroyo pools are red-spotted toads, usually found around more permanent water, they're doomed.
It depicts a queen grasping a handful of small, doomed captives.
Unless action is taken those predators will undoubtedly be doomed.
Even the lightly wounded die by drowning, doomed by the waterlogging of their overloaded packs.
But he also understated the extent to which that failure doomed the country.
He is doomed to relive moments of his life over and over again.
They say that those who learn nothing from history are doomed to repeat it.
Several artists around the world have found their muse in the final menus of doomed convicts.
Not long ago, it seemed music videos were doomed to go the way of the radio star.
So the seemingly-doomed hypersonic plane project could come soaring back to life.
But only a year after completion, it already looks doomed to fail.
The industry structure doomed the steel business in that era.
Americas obsession with corn based ethanol has been doomed from the start.
Unfortunately, fundamental problems with emission control doomed the program.
Ten to fifteen years ago the the prevailing feeling was that the traditional methods were doomed.
There is the lonely, unsung writer who toils in obscurity for a decade or more on a possibly doomed masterpiece.
At bottom, the gangster is doomed because he is under the obligation to succeed, not because the means he employs are unlawful.
You're glad she's on the side of good and not evil-otherwise we'd all be doomed.
Those who didn't eat enough were doomed to starvation or even predation-sometimes by other grizzlies.
But there's another monument to the doomed romance on that album.
The scholars have known for some time, however, that the legend is doomed.
The looting probably doomed the occupation before it started.
Some were doomed at the outset, of course, but not all.
If the ban on their appearance had stood, the whole meeting would have been doomed.
Some were aboard doomed airliners, others at work in buildings on the verge of catastrophe.
If the two levels are not equal, the universe is doomed.
Targeting a single neuronal system is probably doomed to the same ill fate as the failed diets themselves.
These efforts to create a unique theory that would explain all the properties of the universe are therefore doomed to fail.
Those programs are doomed no matter how much capital is flung at them.
At this point, everyone knows that newspapers are doomed.
Meanwhile, physics is stuck in a paradigm doomed to barrenness.
Other vegetables waited their turn on the counter, bright and doomed.
Her father's future and those of his doomed characters became, for her, inextricably linked.
Our own view is that his parents' marriage is doomed, but he thinks that an extraordinary fellow such as he deserves a family.
Any other attempt to explain politics and government is doomed to failure.
Any attempt to regain that paradise is doomed to falter.
All descriptions of hipsters are doomed to disappoint, because they will not be the hipsters you know.

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