dont in a sentence

Example sentences for dont

Dont mistake the one for the other if you wish to become a lady in a shop.
Dont you insult human relations by dragging all this cant about buying and selling into it.
Please dont judge a life by the false books and words society shows you.
Read the headlines folks, these issues are a problem for our governments and they dont have the answers.
How human ingenuity is dont belive it show me a picture.
If you dont think that who continues to have the dinner table.
Dont know how accurate it is but it seems to be the best thing available.
Its a trade off because people who dont sleep at night have more stress.
Grown-ups dont utter science and evolution together except for a laugh.
Knowing this, you dont have to be advised on the birth control.
For such you dont need boot space, as going office doesn't require that.
And for christs sake, listen to scientists, because you dont have to believe in what they are doing.

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