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The mule combines the best features of the donkey with the best features of the horse.
He entered the city on the back of a donkey and was greeted with acclaim by small crowds, as the story goes.
Especially, perhaps, when it contends with a more rational donkey.
Some people take donkey rides to get to the top as it is so exhausting to climb.
Animals sense it also: when a donkey brays, it is said to be seeing a jinn.
We marched into the mansion's courtyard, paid off the donkey driver, and collapsed beside our scanty possessions.
Some hospitals are said to be using donkey carts in place of ambulances.
Imagine that one's donkey would die, they'd lose their money.
Patients have traveled by bus, by donkey cart, and on foot.
In the back of the truck, there was a huge bucket of donkey meat.
Sylvester is a donkey who gets a magic pebble that he can wish for anything with.
The mayor has given a donkey cart, and volunteers paint it sky blue.
Donkey and horse-carriage owners are aggressive and ask for exorbitant fees.
He will embark in litigation even if a donkey has bitten his dog.
That's not only good news for the bookish world traveler on a budget, it saves close to a pound for the donkey.
The carrot is tied to a string dangling on the end of the stick, so that it can be positioned ahead of the donkey.
They drive donkey carts that carry everything from people to bananas.
The turning point comes when, transformed into a donkey, he is performing in a circus and spies the fairy in the audience.
Heating is by firewood, brought by donkey from the fast-dwindling forests.
Oh, so now we've put a pretty word onto a human market behaviour that has been known for a donkey's age.
Magellanic penguins are a noisy bunch and their call resembles the braying of a donkey.
Since it is a long walk you can ether take a carriage ride or a donkey, or horse, or walk on foot.
Take a donkey ride up the mountain from the cruise port, past hundreds of stairs to the island's picturesque villages.
It's difficult to pin the tail on the donkey when the critter keeps moving around.

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