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The finished floors remain under wraps until all interior painting is done.
Nothing can or should be done to halt the spread of the beetle, experts say.
While much of the scholarship has focused on adolescents, work has also been done on the phenomenon at the college level.
Protesters around the world demand that something must be done.
They will conclude by pretending to be specialists called in to help, and listing the things they think need to be done to help.
Fracking may have a lot of upside, but such fossil-fuel exploration and exploitation has to be done right.
Drying can be done outside or in a dehydrator, depending on the climate.
All of my subsequent interviews were done in jeans or pajamas.
The politicians need to stop the rhetoric, roll up their sleeves and get the job done.
Often done with crude knives in one of their huts, the painful operations can cause life-long health risks.
The bread is done when the surface appears smooth and is dry to the touch.
Conventional wisdom has it that a chicken is done when the juices at the thigh joint run clear.
Imagine if every company you had never done business with required you to opt out of their junk mailings.
Our correspondents discuss what needs to be done to rescue the single currency.
One of the best ways to conserve water is to buy recycled goods, and to recycle your stuff when you're done with it.
Perhaps it could be done through the colleges and universities, with all of the disciplines involved.
Since this method cuts right through leaves, it's best done on small-leafed plants, where damage is less noticeable.
All the activities done by two astronauts is done by one.
Importantly, you only get to color in the blocks when you've actually done the work.
Adult cells might also be reprogrammed directly, which has been done with some types of pancreatic and heart cells.
Ask students if some of the activities can be done in more than one season.
However, over the years,some mean and hateful people have done some mean and hateful things to other human beings.
Stick a label in the ground beside the rose and you're done.
But perhaps not as much as they would have done a few months ago.
Well, you've done a great job with this online exhibit.
What certainly should not be done is customizing stories to fit individual readers.
Faculty members were intrigued by the idea and decided to see if it could be done.
The tobacco industry has known for decades how to remove a dangerous isotope from cigarettes but has done nothing about it.
Cooking perhaps will not be done at all on any large scale at home.
When you're done cracking and snacking, try these ideas for using walnuts in the kitchen.
But one group of herbivorous dinosaurs appears to have done well in this harsh place.
Once you've done that, you can usually untangle the stems and make thinning cuts to remove unwanted growth at ground level.
Read about what's being done to protect many plant species that provide our food.
But in his eyes there's a hint that he might have done it.
Bathing outdoors is the height of mountain living, especially when done in a rugged style.
Furthermore, something had to be done for the people as well as for the chimps.
Plus, students participated more because they had actually done the reading.
Allow me to introduce you to the game that caused you to not get any work done today.
In the military, things are usually done on a need to know basis.
It's all done without government subsidies, cost-sharing, nutrient management plans or confinement livestock systems.
Pieces are done as soon as they are no longer pink in the center.
It needed to function in a vacuum, and it got the job done.
The food can be done to a chef's specifications, every time.
All writing, including that done by staff reporters, is carefully edited.
And that's what a research team thinks they've done.
It's a reminder that listening to my brother practice his trombone might best be done from the room next door.
Spiced apple cider will keep your hands warm after you're done.
Get a decent amount of reading done in there sometimes.
Soon the manta ray is clean and the fish are done eating.
Repeat until there is no more science or technology to be done.
They've done this hundreds of times and are casual about protection.
These results agree with previous work done with monkeys and healthy human volunteers.
It is also surprising to see how large an area is being excavated, and how much excavation remains to be done.
When everyone wishing to share their thoughts has done so, generate a discussion on the types of statements given.
Little research has been done on their health and environmental effects, and silver kills good microorganisms along with the bad.
They would know if there's anything done nationally.
Computers have done a decent job predicting temperature over the years, but have not done as well predicting moisture.
They are convinced that the world is warming in a dangerous way and something needs to be done.
These crêpes are simple to make and fill, and can be mostly done the day before.
The article implies that chemicals should be done away with in water treatment.
And pat yourself on the back for having done so the next apparently.
Become a provost and it's patently obvious who gets things done.
But defining unnecessary cruelty is easier said than done.
Had they done so, economic slowdown could well have turned into a sharp recession.
There is much more that can be done by this global candy food giant.
Methane seeps, then, look as if they act as nurseries for sharks-and may have done so for a long time.
In other cases sufficient funding might not be available and the research would not be done, or would not be done so thoroughly.
By the end of the weekend, enough had been done to prevent panic.
But the coup's leaders have done nothing to ease reconciliation.
So he could have done more to experiment with the design of the top.
Strictly speaking, when the necessary jobs have been done.
They desire to feel that everything that can be done, has been done.
There is nothing that can be done by human astronauts on the moon that can't be done by remotely operated robots.
Done with razor blades, the painful process starts at puberty and continues into adulthood.
Well, you must have done something right, since you got the part.
Now that you know why acid rain is a problem, you might be wondering what's being done to control it.
Some of my neighbors have never done it and others say it needs to be done frequently.
People think of you predominantly as an actor, but you've done a lot of other things.
Most scientists figured that the dinosaurs had been done in by a change of climate or a change in sea level.
If these few things can be done to reverse the bird evolutionary changes, it will highlight the basic sense of evolution.
She has probably done more to help these unique animals survive than anyone.
In acting as an impatient convener, my favorite example is the work that we've done on standards.
The animated cartoons are done with great style, verve, and wit.
His tax return doesn't prove that he's done something wrong.
It's about learning the basic tools to get a job done.
Not so happily, the private sector is also jumping in, even though huge amounts of research and testing still need to be done.
One is conscious of that without even having ever done it.
He restated his belief that there was really not much to be done about it.
It can even be argued that not enough has been done to prevent future attacks.
Try to pause only as the grammar might pause, if necessary exaggerating the effect a little to hear what the author has done.
Then he sealed it, noting the date and time he had done so.
Make sure the price includes cutting and wrapping, and make sure it's done right.
The first task is the harder of the two, but it must be done, and soon.
Then there are the works that, done over the same years, he seems to have thought were his more meaningful achievements.
If he wanted to translate her letters in an outdated period style, he should have done so consistently.
He picked up a book that had done fairly well and then he tossed it on a pile.
All this had to be done with care, but did not require great skill, which facilitated the printing of books.

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