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If our suit is successful and incentives are allowed, it would not create a freewheeling market in bone marrow donation.
When asked for a donation this year s/he earmarked it for a scholarship to replace the lost one.
In this case no donation was needed, as the drug's patent has expired.
For donation information, please scroll to bottom of page.
Your donation will help us continue to inspire people to care about the planet.
Thanks for recognizing someone who can think outside of the monetary donation.
However a donation to cover forum expenses would be greatly appreciated.
His donation will help fund an expansion of the school's campus, which is set to increase in size by almost one-third.
Almost none of the new material came from public donation.
Programs that permit the donation of good, unused drugs to the needy owe their existence to the lobbying by families of patients.
Any donation would be much appreciated and would contribute to these programs.
In this case there was the obvious added value of a donation which justified the purchases.
It is unclear why someone making a political donation would want to enter a false name.
In effect, the giver's donation reflects his confidence in the trustee's willingness to reciprocate.
Read about the trust's work and find out how to make a donation at this site.
The site's donation page remains reliably available.
The great benefits of bone marrow donation far outweigh the small inconveniences to the donor.
Several comments here seem to miss the fact that corporate food donation is not neutral.
If they believe that, they only have to make a donation.
Shows range from political satire to performance puppetry and admission is by donation.
None of the relatives reported pain during the five-minute donation procedure, and none experienced any complications afterwards.
There are simply too few good candidates for blood donation.
It's one thing to make a donation because that is, almost by definition, something you can give.
Any self respecting environmentalist wouldn't even purchase gas from them if given a choice, much less make a donation.
The pay is so low that my time is essentially a donation.
Visa and others stopped processing donation payments to it.
For example, many mobile phone stores have a bin to toss your old phone into for later sorting for donation or recycling.
The developer will give you access in an exchange for a donation, or you can wait around until it is made public.
Lewis is not ashamed to direct visitors' attention to the donation box on a shelf.
The scientists using these materials are thankful for your donation and care nothing for infringing on personal privacy.
The donation system set up is a great idea and it's heartening to know that people care so much.
There's also concern over a donation that was reportedly tied to the naming decision.
Please join me in making a donation to the relief effort and encourage others to do so as well.
Much medical and drug research is funded either by the government, donation or huge profit.
However, egg-donation procedure is uncomfortable and potentially painful, and it carries some medical risk.
Additionally, this should revolutionize blood donation.
It conjures images of college dorms and food-drive donation bins.
No camping fees are payable, but guests are asked to make a donation.
Egg donation is becoming a big business in tough economic times.
Even laparoscopy, a relatively new technique for kidney donation, is not risk-free.
Travel agents will be automatically given the prompt to ask for the donation as they process an order.
To make a donation, select one of the dollar amount below and you will be directed to our secure server.
Twenty five years ago donation boxes were an exception in parks.

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If "heavy metal" was the Anglo-American contribution to low culture, then "rap" was the African-American donation<... more
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