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His widow decided to donate his organs to seven different people.
Many colleges, including those that make payments in lieu of taxes, donate money to their communities.
If you plan to donate to a local blood bank, be warned.
Subscribe anyway and donate your citrus to a food bank.
However, if they requested that everyone donate to this same charity, then they are probably already aware of the delay.
But more travelers mean more people who don't qualify to donate.
My organization has been receiving numerous calls from individuals wanting to volunteer or donate goods.
Still, persuading faculty members to donate their time to the oft-draining task of wooing teenagers isn't always easy.
As firms donate more to politicians, they tend to disclose more.
Donate whatever your organs can do at the final time and make one more effort to prolong another life.
It is a tremendous honor to have people willing to donate their bodies for our medical education.
His team found that promising to donate money in exchange for towel reuse did not increase reuse.
In other words, if you want to go donate right now, the server can probably handle it.
They mobilized people to come and donate blood to the hospital.
Please donate half of your salary to the ranchers who are losing animals to these wolves.
The trophy hunters get a tax deduction if they donate the animal to a non-profit.
Less controversially, sports give alumni reasons to donate.
One student might ask the catering service to donate tea, etc.
Bodies used at the farm would be donated by families in the region much the same as they donate a body for medical research.
Another might find a local bakery to donate crumpets.
It became a ritual for those of us who got jobs to donate to the binder.
Those who wish to donate to the legal aid fund for those arrested may do so here.
We wanted to leave it to people to decide if they wanted to donate some money.
Consequences for graduate students who provide or even donate administrative labor.
Contestants pay a small fee or donate a canned good.
He had agreed to donate his body to medical science.
He has announced that he will donate proceeds from the stock options to charity.
What's more, if you donate to a charity, there are administrative costs and time-lags.
Please donate today and take a stand with my campaign.
They put little buttons on their sites that allowed readers to donate money to keep the blogs going.
Other large liquor manufacturers frequently donate to worthy causes, of course, and some even have well-publicized foundations.
Before people knew what was wrong with him, they offered to give blood, donate organs.
The younger you are, then, the more important it is to donate blood.
If you're truly worried about the starving people of the world, buy some food and donate it to them.
Smiley said he had intended to fulfill the pledge but would now donate his money elsewhere.
If he wants to donate all of the proceeds from his new book to a student-loan repayment fund, even better.
During every round, players are given the opportunity to donate points to their neighbours.
She also selects buyers carefully, preferring a patron who is willing to donate works to a museum.
So, the pair set to asking their friends to donate objects that had been left behind after break-ups.
No one's forcing anyone to donate money to the cause.
Visitors to his website could donate money, read and comment on the campaign blog and find other supporters.
When an open primary law comes into the marketplace of ideas, donate to and vote for it.
Only belatedly did it offer to donate the proceeds to charity and announce an independent review of the show.
If they do they have one then get the address out to people so people can donate.
Consumers now have many options to recycle or donate for reuse their used electronics.
But that will soon change, now that cemetery officials plan to donate a gravestone for the slain officer.
For many, the question of whether to donate a kidney is an ethical dilemma.
When you're ready to leave town, you can donate your bike back to the cooperative.

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