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Now, overgrazing has made sagebrush the dominant plant.
Hot pink is a dominant color, so save it for a few key pieces.
Water power was the dominant industrial energy source.
Feeling proud makes people more dominant and likable in social tasks.
Bull elephants grow nearly all their lives, and big bulls are dominant.
Start with a visually dominant plant of an appropriate height and scale for center stage in your flower bed.
By 16, he was nearly 7 feet and a dominant city basketball star.
In most of the country, if you win the dominant party's primary, you've got the general election sewn up.
Seabirds are the dominant native animals.
And then they'll displace us as the dominant form of life on Earth.
Or they could be written with the non-dominant hand.
We introduce the concept of dominant and recessive traits.
All during a time when industrialization was beginning to take hold and become the dominant factor in the economy.
These bouts determine hierarchies among males, and dominant males mate more often than subordinate ones do.
Dominant styles seemed to change every five minutes.
The outcome was said to indicate who would be dominant in the relationship.
It might even be the actual dominant life form on this planet, and we're simply too obtuse to be aware of it.
Developed over four-year career into a consistently dominant player.
The reason condensation becomes dominant in the cooler air is that more of the molecules are moving at slower speeds.
The one whose periods change is she submissive or dominant.
Will the submissive become leader or dominant become leader.
Chromium plays a dominant role in reacting with oxygen to form this corrosion product film.
Organic farming is dominant in terms of quality properties.
Pruritus is a dominant symptom of many skin diseases and also occurs in some diseases that affect the entire body.
Opium which is extracted from the seeds of the poppy plant owes its properties to one dominant molecule- morphine.
Our present system incorporated one or two parts of feudalism as it became the dominant system.
All of the group's hens place their eggs in the dominant hen's nest-though her own are given the prominent center place.
Osprey eggs don't hatch all at once, but are staggered in time so that some siblings are older and more dominant.
Not only was the signature of corn dominant, it was remarkably homogenous across the country in different restaurants, she added.
Use this student-friendly resource to learn more about genetics, heredity, and dominant and recessive traits.
In every direction the dominant feature of the landscape, the element that binds everything together, is water.
Learn about dominant and recessive genes and play inheritance games to determine how traits will be expressed.
In the dominant culture, this is usually about feeling misunderstood and misrepresented by the minority culture.
So the company now has partnerships with the five dominant textbook publishers.
Brain power in this country is increasingly clustering around a handful of dominant metropolitan areas.
Eventually, they move up-market and overtake the dominant player.
The comment about faculty participation being the dominant factor in response rates has also born out for us.
Dominant pitching performances can be ruined by an inexperienced bullpen.
Perhaps it is a case of not all members within one a dominant group not receiving preferential treatment in every area of society.
Role-reversing happens when a dominant animal performs an action during play that wouldn't normally occur during real aggression.
The result was that the dominant imitative tendencies almost succeeded in stifling in them all original utterance.
But out of the confusion of many voices rises an understanding of dominant public need.
Consequently the groups which are now large, and which generally include many dominant species, tend to go on increasing in size.
She need not fear that the masculine mind, almost universally dominant, will fail to take care of its own.
The public sector, including publicly-owned enterprises and the municipalities, plays the dominant role in the economy.
Each of the dominant races tried its fortune in turn.
All that can be effected, therefore, is to arrange the words according to the principal or dominant idea they convey.
Dominant-looking soldiers rise quickly through the ranks.
It ultimately positioned our nation as dominant both militarily and in advanced technology applications.
The two dominant movements in the twentieth century were socialism and nationalism.
However, if only one abnormal gene is needed to produce a disease, it's called a dominant hereditary disorder.
With some improvements, the open-source model could even become the dominant global production model for software.
In so doing, they have solved one of the key problems in making solar energy a dominant source of electricity.
It starts off slowly, rises quickly, and levels off as the new dominant technology.
The dominant critiques of technology have, then, something exaggerated about them.
Knowledge will be its key resource, and knowledge workers will be the dominant group in its workforce.
Although the firm's empire has been showing signs of decline, it remains a dominant power.
But its dominant role can no longer be taken for granted.
Maroon is the dominant interior scheme, from the chairs to the chenille-covered settees.
It's probably going to be the dominant fact of our future.
With your dominant hand, as quickly as you can, snap your fingers five times.
For one thing, he did not feel comfortable with any of the dominant literary styles.
Now, with the emergence of electric cars, lithium could challenge petroleum as the dominant fuel of the future.
It has other properties, but what television has to a dominant degree is a certain scale and the power to enforce it.
The dominant wall motif in her studio is not paintings but testimonials.
Now, many researchers say the dominant emotion experienced after loss is yearning or searching.
He argues that the corporation, the dominant form of economic organization in today's world, is an abomination.
Dominant males then court them rather than fight with them.
First, public ownership should always play the dominant role in our economy.
The ones who remain dominant figure out that they need to acknowledge the thoughts and feelings of their playmates.
Staying close to the tube and looking at it were not sufficient cues of ownership from the dominant's perspective.
Fluency in the dominant culture doesn't stop at competence.
If a mouse loses a series of fights against dominant rivals, its personality shifts.
Ordinary matter and radiation play the dominant roles.
It's a small part of the economy today yet one day it must mature and become dominant.
Coal and its derivatives were dominant in the middle of the nineteenth century.
It's up to us, who are the dominant race, to watch out or these other races will have control of things.
He was not one of the dominant leaders of a stylistic school, yet gained a stature of his own alongside theirs.
Contrary to previously well-entrenched beliefs, the right hemisphere is the dominant hemisphere at early stages of life.

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