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To interrupt is to show dominance and try to wrest control.
Gone all those days when countries prove their dominance by wars.
When several great whites congregate, their dominance is expressed with body bumps and controlled biting.
It has something to do with challenge and dominance.
No one can be a leader forever, time changes and everyone gets his turn of dominance.
For instance, body language can indicate an animal's position of dominance or submissiveness within a group.
The research also suggests that for pigeons, dominance isn't set in stone.
The brotherhood needs the army to facilitate its dominance in the political arena and the imminent running of the country.
Males competing for mates also lock horns to establish dominance.
The turmoil led to the emergence of several rival sects, each one vying for dominance.
But males in particular duel constantly to establish dominance.
Our dark side is driven by a evolution-based propensity toward predation and dominance.
Tivo, a company known for innovation and user satisfaction, has yet to prove its dominance in the marketplace.
The trait is more universal in social animals, competing for social dominance.
They continue to live in the awareness of their human successors on the throne of earthly dominance.
They are playing a dominance game, trying to hijack a legitimate discussion that society should be having about our future.
So the sea service is looking to unmanned vehicles as a way to keep its maritime dominance in the years to come.
The killing was not planned in advance, but was seen as a way to establish territorial dominance.
The article talks about the dominance of a personal worldview in decisions about what side to favor in a debate or conflict.
Unable to swing by it, it uses its tail to establish dominance by waving it about after saturating it with smelly secretions.
My thumbs argue with each other for territory and dominance.
The objective for them would be to be free to do everything necessary to continue their fossil-fuel-based dominance.
Your dog needs to recognize that all the humans are higher up on the dominance ladder than he is.
He works from old fashioned methods that require dominance.
He always tries to test his dominance toward everyone in the family.
The dominance of colleges on the list is in part a result of how important higher education is to many wealthy donors.
Because it poses a genuine threat to their market dominance if it succeeds.
And there's no guarantee that our global dominance of higher education will last forever.
These were the footsteps of creatures that ruled the world before humans came to dominance.
The obvious reaction, to such a spectacle of dominance, was not to marvel but to laugh.
Until his retirement, two years ago, his dominance was unprecedented.
But dominance has its discontents, and textbook publishers are routinely denounced as price gougers.
The killing is opportunistic and is done to establish territorial dominance.
After arriving at the park, a new dominance hierarchy was established.
It is a province of raw dominance, inescapable poverty, and fear.
They have a rich ranger of submissive and dominance postures and gestures.
Now its time when economy is the weapon to prove own dominance.
It is a mistake to think that reserve-currency dominance has much to do with the relative size of the economy.
Many in the rich world fear the loss of economic dominance that will be the eventual outcome of convergence.
Trustworthiness also shows up, as does social dominance.
But it can only work if no one group gains dominance.
After a century's dominance, the fossil-fuel-powered internal combustion engine is facing serious challengers.
In both cases, the defendants used the intervening years to expand greatly the scope of their dominance.
The phenomena are a result of interactions, not of dominance of any particular actor.
It is a deep rooted signal of unipolar depression, with an inability to exert dominance, but only in a negative style.
It's a chance for a community to put on a show for their neighbors, to demonstrate their dominance.
In their earlier encounter, the first mouse exerted its dominance by forcing its rival to reverse down the tube.
Currently there are several storage systems vying for dominance.
So high androgen levels would seem, again, to cause aggression and social dominance.
The shunt is a conveyor belt that ensures the jellyfish's dominance, by drastically shifting the flow of energy around the ocean.
As soon as small groups begin settling, innate behaviours could become dominance.
In chimpanzee society, for instance, relative peace is maintained by a complex dominance hierarchy.
Some scientists postulate it serves a role in establishing dominance among animals, and may be have to do with social bonding.
His general argument is that left-hemisphere dominance has gone too far and needs to be tempered by some context-dependence.
Darker represents earlier dates for the dominance of agriculture within a particular region.
It seems worth emphasizing that the dominance of string theory is absolutely not self-perpetuating.
In the social sciences it can be at the heart of a lot of bad science that gets junked after a decade or two of dominance.
With such a small starter set, it's not unlikely that a specific clone would rise to dominance.
Science is the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and people who claim to be scientific claim dominance over non-scientists.
These are kids with enough disposable income and not too much parental dominance.
The term dominance means that with the typically two different forms of a gene, one will be expressed and the other form will not.

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