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Answers to frequently asked questions about legal residence and domicile.
Domicile is defined as your true, fixed, and permanent home and place of habitation.
The court held that domicile was the sole basis of jurisdiction.
In most countries, a foreign resident's “domicile” (home country) status is determined by objective criteria.
Some states require residency, known as domicile, for a probate court to have jurisdiction.
This law applies to anyone domiciled in France; .
So-called “resident non-domiciles”—people who live in Britain but claim domicile abroad—do not have to pay tax on offshore income.
In Manhattan, a discreet domicile is likely to be inside a condominium tower with two street exits and an underground garage.
The standard is to domicile in a place with 0 to low income taxes.
The Court held that the law of the decedent's domicile should govern the distribution of the funds.
The elasticity of domicile has increased in this era of globalization and increased labor and capital mobility.
Either the rich pay more taxes or the tax domicile can be freely choosen by all.
The law requires all persons to have only one domicile for voting purposes.
Defendant appeals as of right an order of the circuit court granting plaintiff's motion for change of domicile.
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