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Let's not forget that animal domestication has not been only about profit.
Through the domestication of plants and animals intelligence has remade the living environment.
Multicolored birds were developed over centuries of near domestication.
And the experiment raised some interesting questions about domestication.
Domestication is a process that occurs over many generations of animals.
Even the power over nature that domestication supposedly represents is overstated.
The high mortalities also point to selection and domestication at work.
Agriculture, the domestication of animals and plants, must be seen in the context of this progressive change.
Evidence of plant domestication is debated, but wild grains were cultivated.
One of the consequences of domestication is a decrease in stress across the board.
Agriculture and animal domestication did create an energy surplus.
Each advance-the domestication of animals, irrigation, wet rice production-led to a corresponding jump in human population.
Bees have thrived for a long time prior to their domestication.
Domestication brings both genetic and cultural consequences.
Agriculture and domestication of animals doesn't require large group living conditions, but does help enable it.
Under domestication monstrosities sometimes occur which resemble normal structures in widely different animals.
This, in fact, is the great bar to the domestication of animals.
No animal seems to have been more changed by domestication than the sheep.
For them, wild animals function as a representation of the beauty of nature over the tameness of culture and domestication.
Nature is supposed to be red in tooth and claw, and domestication an artificial process for making animals gentle.
Wild species also vary, perhaps about as widely as those of domestication, though in different ways.
But something has been lost, as well, in the domestication of the holiday.
With the domestication of the horse, he could perhaps triple that.
Mycologists have had mixed success with domestication.
Human beings have been genetically modifying organisms since the first domestication of plants and animals.
To be sure, domestication has perfected these foods, but our debt to the outdoor cooks who built this country is tremendous.
Either way, the burial is among the earliest fossil evidence of the dog's domestication.
The wildcat's self-domestication is thought to have coincided with the rise of farming communities.
Adapting wild plants and animals for people to use is called domestication.
One theory holds that domestication occurred independently at a number of locales.
Archeologists have uncovered surprisingly sophisticated grain storage that predates plant domestication.
Instead, early humans favored the larger-grained cereal crops, the domestication of which led to the rise of modern agriculture.
And grain consumption was the first step toward grains' domestication-and, eventually, cupcakes.
One change that is often observed as a result of domestication is a general reduction in relative brain size.
As a result of thousands of years of domestication, dogs have become highly sensitive to human social cues.
Fifteen thousand years ago humankind turned away from hunting and gathering to develop of horticulture domestication of animals.
Domestication, they show, has its share of evolutionary side effects.
At some point in evolutionary history dogs diverged from wolves thanks to domestication by humans.
Probably the main way new diseases appear has been through the domestication of animals.
In fact, this would have been a prime inducement to domestication.

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