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Instead, they domesticated themselves and chose their own mates without human interference.
Of course, how domesticated animals ought to be treated should, must and is being widely debated.
Before they became domesticated crops, wild bananas were inedible fruit stuffed with stony seeds.
The animals are currently domesticated enough to serve as house pets.
Thus bottle gourds are one of the oldest domesticated species.
We hear plenty about species going extinct, but much less about particular breeds of animals, especially those we've domesticated.
It is the product of random mutation followed by selective breeding-as, indeed, are all domesticated creatures.
And such knowledge might help solve the long-disputed question of exactly why dogs were the first animal to be domesticated.
Remember that people used to believe they could clean their floors without domesticated cyclones.
The region also produced the first domesticated sheep, goats, pigs and cattle.
Animals rarely get fat, even when food is abundant, unless they are old and domesticated.
Horses were among the last species of livestock to be domesticated.
Well, the excellent researchers seem to have missed the fact that it is the humans who were domesticated by the felines.
And often there exists no surviving wild ancestor of a domesticated species, as is the case for cattle.
But when kept in the laboratory, subsequent generations soon become domesticated.
But now some domesticated ducks have developed resistance to the disease.
Sheep and goat were also domesticated in this region.
It was quickly put to use in war, on chariots pulled by recently domesticated donkeys.
Some argue whether domesticated beach plums can have the pungent taste of the wild.
Farm animals were domesticated because they were suitable to begin with, and only got more so over time.
But there is another possible carrier of the virus far more difficult to control than domesticated chickens: migratory birds.
Another way to look at this is to consider the question who domesticated who.
The disease can lurk unnoticed in domesticated birds for long periods.
Wild birds that carry the disease have been seen drinking alongside domesticated birds at scarce water sources.
Even among domesticated animals, the dog stands out as perhaps the only fully domesticated species.
Television has domesticated other disruptive technologies.
Our domesticated predators--dogs and cats--also have a share in the mayhem.
Several say the paper misinterpreted the genetics and history of the kouprey, which may still exist in domesticated form.
In parallel, the population is encouraged to be progressively less and less self reliant, more domesticated.
Our domesticated animals know a comparatively easy life compared with the existence of prey animals in the wild.
Domesticated livestock are responsible for about a third of all methane production related to human activities.
After a few generations they will be a domesticated breed that will not have to go out hunting any more.
Some owners, tired of their domesticated doggies, are signing up for programs that test hunting and herding skills.
Chronic renal failure is common in domesticated cats and can be fatal.
These are actually the last wild camels in the world, because all other camels are domesticated.
Free range is ultimately an arbitrary point between the wild and the domesticated.
Accounts abound of both domesticated and wild animals behaving oddly before major natural disasters.
Instead they're growing fat and domesticated on sugars and saturated fats.
The majority of wild cats, though, cannot be domesticated.
Domesticated horses graze along a dirt road outside of the town center.
Two teenagers try to return a domesticated lion to the wild.
Yet the fact remains that the honey-bee is essentially a wild creature, and never has been and cannot be thoroughly domesticated.
The tree although tropical is hardy, thrives when domesticated, and propagates rapidly from shoots.
But even then, overhunting, loss of prairie habitat and diseases spread by domesticated cattle were ravaging the species.
The abundant remnants of wild game indicate that the people who lived here had not yet domesticated animals or farmed.
So they may have domesticated wheat not for bread, but for beer.
Their gait, mannerisms and portly shape match those of their domesticated cousins.
However domesticated a goose, its wakefulness and its atavistic alertness to danger has not been bred out of it.
Dogs, those self-domesticated wolves, are adept at manipulating their chosen companions.
Singing dogs' body shapes are those of other dogs, rather than of wolves, indicating that they may once have been domesticated.
In addition, they domesticated many forms of plants.
Even the somewhat smaller domesticated reindeer are part of the same group.
They also had some pigs, though it's unclear if those were wild or domesticated.
Perhaps it came up because our ancestors noted that both wild and domesticated animals lick their wounds.
The domesticated chimpanzee was fatally shot by a police officer after it mauled a friend of its owner.
They are also seen as posing a threat to people and domesticated animals.
We've selectively bred our domesticated animals for considerably more succulence than our ancestors enjoyed.
Also, there were plenty of animal enteric emissions in this country long before the arrival of domesticated cattle.
Here again the dynamics of domesticated dissent sustained the relationship for a while.
Yet domesticated bees are struggling on multiple fronts, and their populations have plummeted.
Domesticated felines are among those rarest of creatures that gift outside of their species.
Because in a world that has been largely domesticated, they remain completely wild, untamed.
Wild tigers' bones are particularly prized since they are considered more potent than their semi-domesticated peers.
Decades of disease and overuse of pesticides have put the squeeze on populations of the domesticated honeybee.
Domesticated plants and animals must be raised and cared for by humans.
The silver fox, a fellow canid and close cousin of dogs that had never been domesticated, seemed the perfect choice.
In addition, the data suggests how dogs were domesticated.
Only recently has interest renewed in preserving these wild camelids and their domesticated relatives.
Discuss the two scenarios by which dogs may have become domesticated.
Domesticated animals also contributed a burden of disease to agricultural populations.
When dogs first became domesticated, humans admired their protective instincts.
Then, once plants and animals were domesticated, the discovery sparked a complete reorganization of the globe.
People around the world keep peafowl as domesticated animals because they are so pretty.
But packed within its borders is a highly concentrated mixture of things wild and domesticated.
These domesticated animals have a reputation for eating everything in sight.
If they are a domesticated animal, they are absolutely helpless without you.
Horse racing has existed as long as the horse has been domesticated.

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