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It was one of those glorious early fall days when a high-domed sky exalts everything.
Yet another reason people should live in domed cities and let nature be for a while.
The domed unit can be positioned to fit any device and will streamline sound to a chosen focal point.
The keyboard's domed buttons are easy to read and feel, and the battery allows for up to six hours of talk.
The poorest live in domed tents, erected out of scraps of canvas and tree-branch stakes.
Major design elements of the palace include an arched open-fronted hall, or iwan, that leads to an inner domed chamber.
It is difficult to imagine the colorful fishing boats, the domed churches, the speeding mopeds and relaxing cafes blasted to bits.
Then he extends his arm deeper, working the silt, and draws out the domed pate of a human skull.
The place is declared a disaster area, and an evil government bureaucrat orders that the town be domed.
Its central portion includes a dance floor and bandstand underneath a domed skylight.
These are the largest domed train cars ever made, and truly make for a memorable experience.
It famously would become the first domed stadium in baseball.
The three-bar grille is tastefully executed, and the domed hood manages not to look overdone.
The carapace is smooth and domed, and may have green algae growing on its surface.
The buildings were heated, but the domed enclosure was not.
Females typically have brown eyes and a higher domed shell without a concavity.
The lobby has a central walkway and domed ceiling with original intricate hand painting.
They can be difficult to spot from the air, but their broad, gently domed shape is unmistakable from the ground.
Their high, domed shells and unwebbed feet are adapted for life on land, not water.

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You know, if this is Venus, or some other strange planet, we're liable to run into some high-domed characte... more
I have at last, after several months' experience, made up my mind that [New York] is a splendid desert—a domedmore
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