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The most familiar domain, though arguably not the most important to the Earth's overall biosphere, is the eukaryotes.
Their domain is an anarchic area four times the size of the Serengeti.
Today's digital domain has placed wonderful tools at our disposal for creation and performance.
IT was impressed with the site's selection of novels, poetry, and short stories from the public domain.
Even competing editions of public-domain titles have seen significant increases.
For several years we have all colors of leds out into the public domain, except inexpensive full spectrum white.
Registering a domain name is simple and costs about $10 per year.
It reigns king in no domain.
Outside his own domain, and unprotected, he was a very sheep for the shearers.
But, on the other hand, the domain of free choice should be dear to all.
Tina is keeper of the hens, who consider her garden their rightful domain.
The audio version, pulled from a radio broadcast, is considered in the public domain.
No one can say for sure if there is another, yet to be discovered, domain of life.
Because of court-imposed restrictions on reporting, only a limited amount of information is in the public domain.
It placed all the resulting data into the public domain rather than allow any participant to patent any of the results.
After that, the material would enter the public domain so that anyone could reproduce it.
Patents, they claim, have been granted on the fruits of biomedical research that should remain in the public domain.
Until recently, such questions of sovereignty and human rights have been the domain of a scattered group of lawyers and academics.
The heliopause was expected to be a rather sharp boundary between the sun's domain and interstellar space.
Quantifying crime incidence and attributing causation to it one way or the other is not the domain of science.
Our report will be out there in the public domain and that has value in itself.
It is fully consistent with empirical evidence in the public domain as well as phenomenal experience in the private domain.
Most of the debris appears to stay safely within the doctor's domain, leaving the patient pristine.
Procedure and definition, not facts are their primary domain.
Cataloging and identifying the genetic patrimony should be publicly-funded and the fruits should be in the public domain.
The question should not be which species, which humans have encroached on the domain of animals with human expansionism.
Of course going into space will be the domain of the wealthy.
For now, boxed wine is still the domain of cheaper brands.
And, to restate my initial point in another way, such evidence is simply not in the domain of science.
Until recently, these questions were purely within the domain of speculative philosophy and fantasy.
Given these arguments alone, we're faced with issues that are clearly in the federal domain.
Pure science rarely makes it into the public domain.
The frequency of these pulses is in the same time domain as electrical activity in neural circuits.
Private opinions would seem to be progressively being leaked to the public domain.
All the information belongs to the global community and will be released into the public domain.
Another year of feeding at sea may give him the bulk and the strength to win his own domain.
But as their domain shrank, some parks could accommodate only a few prides, which then began to inbreed.
Several decades ago, the mountains were mainly the domain of courageous hikers.
Seeking answers to such questions is normally the domain of anthropologists and archaeologists-not dinosaur hunters.
The scorching deserts are still the domain of camel caravans.
Even small creatures can be objects of awe in this wild and wondrous domain.
It takes a while to figure out what a study has revealed, to know what should be put into the public domain.
During more than a century our government has been engaged in the alienation of an enormous domain.
But technology, long the domain of the geeky introvert, stepped up to the challenge.
Here was his evidence, which was all lying around in the public domain.
They wanted a remote master bedroom and a special domain for children.
In this situation the power of eminent domain is the only salvation.
Nor does he contribute much likely to be of permanent value in any part of the wide domain of affectivity.
But they have the privileges of a domain unprecedented and unmatched in modern literature.
Now it has lost its own domain in the process while threatening to file for bankruptcy protection.
Ubiquitous social technologies help us connect to those who can help us learn when we're outside the domain of formal education.
Philosophers have a moral obligation to take their subject into the public domain.
And increasingly, power will be exercised in the diffuse domain of cyber interactions.
Students come to programs in our field with little experience in the domain.
While this first one is going to be fairly general, future installments will focus on a specific domain.
Sometimes too relaxed: a slouching, mumbling bartender undermines the ambience of his domain.
Our obsession with work extends to the domain of family.
In fact, if there was ever a piece of land that should be treated as part of the public domain, it is this one.
The same-origin policy prevents websites from one domain from requesting data belonging to another domain.
His diatribe discusses the old patents his father got that are all out of date in in the public domain.
US laws clearly state photos taken of people in public areas are of public domain.
Now we're moving into the domain where there are many more computers than there were five years ago.
Pretty much anything public domain is available and free.
If they are physicists they should respect the domain of physics.
These comments demonstrate the usual mix of information and misinformation in the public domain regarding atomic energy.
It would be built incrementally, beginning with the digital files of books in the public domain, about two million works.
But the ontological subjectivity of the domain of consciousness does not preclude an objective science of that domain.
It has digitized about two million books in the public domain.
Aware of his superiority in his own huge domain, he also knew his limits.
Until then, taxpayer-financed discoveries were in the public domain, available to any company that wanted to use them.
C able television has lately become the domain of critic-approved, semi-highbrow entertainment.
If so, you would be wrong, because there is a whole new domain in which the upscale brands are now competing to out-do each other.
His domain has been a laboratory stacked to the ceiling with electronic equipment and laced with a whiff of animal odors.
In truth, it takes a spectacular amount of imagination and thinking to grasp the sublime elasticity of the atomic domain.
Below are the verbal and mathematical scores by licensing domain.
There are three broad issues which have interested me in the domain of attraction and evolution.
Rather, it seems to be a domain-specific competency, rather than emerging out of general intelligence.
Technologies which amplify the power of domain general intelligence are game changers.
If you confine the domain space to a single solution, of course you'll lose emergence.
Results confirmed the predictions at all levels considered: discipline, domain and methodology broadly defined.
There is no national tally--largely because dumps, especially closed dumps, are considered local domain.
Even within the domain of medicine procreation is more than the result of an act between two consenting adults.
If anything, the restricted domain in which she works emphasizes her abilities.
Some have even argued that they represent a new domain of life, although others aren't so sure.
The speed of the destruction has left the realm of what people fear and has entered the domain of what they know.

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