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Example sentences for doldrums

The everyday doldrums are but a faint shade of true clinical depression, according to those who experience it.
The doldrums was never a place and should not be capitalized.
The reason the publishing industry is in such doldrums is that books aren't selling.
One reason for the current doldrums is that many firms still regret binge-buying during the bubble.
In spring the area's animals break out of their winter doldrums.
Life lazed through those doldrums for a million millennia.
Sponsorships and time-slot campaigns are the key to moving out of the doldrums of low-value, high-inventory web advertising.
And as usual, there's little time for appraisal, what with the primary coming so soon after the summer doldrums.
But withdrawal of even small parts of the stimulus packages can send an economy back into the doldrums.
Sleep researchers say waking with light is the best remedy for the winter doldrums.
Statistical methods hold the promise of moving computerized translation out of the doldrums.
But if it was an increase in protection, trade will be slow to emerge from the doldrums.
The price of uranium oxide, the raw feedstock required for nuclear reactors, was in the doldrums for nearly a generation.
Weight-loss clinics and clubs are generally in the doldrums.
The property market, in the doldrums for the past two years, is preparing for an even worse year ahead.
These are interspersed with vast doldrums of boredom.
Until the underlying uncertainty is resolved, the economy remains in the doldrums.
The economic doldrums have sparked interest in careers offering jobs that are both available and secure.
Plan a sunny vacation that will break the dreary doldrums but not your budget.
As the doldrums for publicly traded stocks drag on, companies are being taken private at the fastest pace in years.
The owner-occupied market remains in the doldrums, but there are signs of life in the rental sector.
Next time you're down in the doldrums, you might want to avoid the mall.
Designers try to steer a new course through fashion doldrums with collections that flounce, flow and flatter.
Doldrums- the regions on either side of the equator where air pressure is low and winds are light.
We chase away dreary winter doldrums by decorating our lives with them.
Further reference to the doldrums will be made later in this discussion.
As the winds meet, they create a phenomenon called the doldrums: light winds and lots of rain.
Throughout the summer watch for other announcements for events to escape the doldrums of summer.
The equatorial region of warm and moist rising air currents is referred to as the doldrums.
For the non-hunter there are several old roads and trails that offer a respite for the doldrums of everyday life.
The winter doldrums have long set in by now and the longing for sultry summer days is festering.
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