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We should start doing something immediately in order for this plan to work.
The students were not doing odd jobs to earn beer money.
The site now houses a sprawling camp of several thousand, with free-food stands and a barber doing a busy trade.
Many times people will see you, then ignore you because they have to concentrate on what they are doing.
They're doing what they've been doing for more than a decade: measuring how the park's storied glaciers are melting.
We talked about bringing in part of our allowance and doing extra chores to earn money.
Still, despite the growing activity, malaria researchers say the world is not doing enough.
By contrast, climate change brought about by increasing greenhouse gas concentrations is our own doing.
The town's not quite dead but is doing its damnedest to look that way.
The maggots perform well because they are doing what comes naturally, experts say.
Although doing so can certainly improve your home's energy efficiency, it may not be as cost-effective as you think.
There's an art to doing science and a science to doing art.
No doubt, she might end up doing less work than a student who wrote a paper from scratch in my composition course.
There were exceptions, but she says wives were generally doing twice as much housework as husbands.
Making smart food choices doesn't have to mean doing away with your favorites.
But if you plan on doing anything besides skiing, it's more fun to stay in town.
Chat with your local winemaking store to get a feel for what you're comfortable doing.
Walk or drive your neighborhood and see if any of the plants you've selected are doing well in other gardens.
Besides doing the job, it amuses her neighbors and the mailman, she says.
Lenten rose can be divided, but doing so is not recommended, since divided plants take several years to recuperate.
Behold a few glimpses of the amazing stuff they're doing.
If people knew that there was a high chance of contamination when doing something, they might not choose that action.
But doing so makes a compact space appear tinier, especially if there's a large house at its back.
Doing their own research, starting from seed, finding organic solutions to pests.
Annie's doing a great service to the community, and is inspiring other folks while she's at it.
That's why they literally flock to feeders in winter, filling the garden with life when plants aren't doing much.
Helpful if you are doing something that requires a lot of seeds, such as making jelly.
All six birds stopped what they were doing and froze.
No, that's part of what's fun about doing research: you get surprised.
You've been doing it for years and it's a big part of your daily routine.
He was ever inquisitive, so he went over to check out what they were doing.
As the nation was remaking itself politically, it was doing so technologically as well.
Your hyperbolic language suggests to me that you are reacting to what she is doing only on an emotional level.
No one is suggesting that the plant kingdom isn't doing its fair share.
If the science lab is doing all those things, then they are doing great.
No one can tell me what the species of bacteria living on my body, hundreds of species, are doing.
And information on who's doing what and where will be crunched for even smarter services.
The world wags on with three things: doing, undoing and pretending.
Out of breath to no purpose, in doing much doing nothing.
She would think of nothing but how to satisfy that singular craving of hers to be doing something.
No student, no matter how much money he may be able to command, is permitted to go through school without doing manual labour.
His body was indefatigable, doing him yeoman service in this breathless chase of pleasures.
In discourse thou must attend to what is said, and in every movement thou must observe what is doing.
Talking is easier than doing, and promising than performing.
If members are reasonably prompt in exercising their right to speak or make motions, the chair cannot prevent their doing so.
Scientists spend too much time raising cash instead of doing experiments.
Unfortunately, the media has not been doing their job of demanding actual evidence in lieu of opinion.
People reported being happiest when engaged in what they were doing versus allowing their minds to wander.
Interrupt people at unpredictable intervals and ask them what they're doing, and what's on their minds.
But the flip side is that if you spread it out too much, other people will realize what you're doing.
Doing small things consistently over time-if enough people participate-can make a dent, even in a global problem.
Perhaps it is because they eat the food that pathogens need to establish and in doing so prevent them from settling our shores.
In addition, any children doing the wave will be sold to the circus.
But sometimes doing something is worse than doing nothing.
It seems impossible that anyone would think well of the job our legislative branch is doing, yet some do.
My thoughts are less on whether he has the authority to do what he's doing than why is he doing what he's doing.
The do-it-yourself movement revives learning by doing.
Americans think the president is a swell guy, but they don't approve of the job he is doing.
At large, established companies, doing old things more efficiently becomes more important than doing new things.
It is the leader of a style of cooking, of a social movement, and of a comprehensive philosophy of doing good and living well.
No one is doing anything about it because the think it is good what they are doing by driving to work every day and earning money.
There are ways to do that, but it takes specialized equipment, and it's not worth the risk if you don't know what you're doing.
Doing it quickly, and with unprecedented versatility, is another question.
Regular nail-clipping can also keep cats' claws from doing excessive damage.
There are many instances where you see cattle die on the spot from grazing where they are doing hydraulic fracturing.
By doing this, she's compressing the flour, which means that she's using more than the recipe developer intended.
Beer is sublime biochemistry, and to understand what you're doing you have to understand the science.
And the first thing he did was ask how my mom was doing.
Alongside, the snack stalls are doing a roaring trade.
As one of my professors once explained, doing surgery is no more physically difficult than writing in cursive.
One, the people who were taking out the subprime mortgage loans-many of them didn't understand what they were doing.
People here may smoke during the day, doing whatever they're doing.
Apart from a few excellent speeches, he has stopped explaining to the public what he's doing.
And our citizens will be doing this, and will be paying the price for doing so, for the rest of their lives.
Doing so put the firms at the mercy of the stock market, and last week that mercy evaporated.
Most of the locals are impressed, but some question his motives-rightly, but without any real understanding of what he is doing.
The crummy part of swimming, the author notes, is that while you're doing it you can't really see much.
He even inserted fake mistakes into his fake stories so fact checkers would catch them and feel as if they were doing their jobs.
He's doing value investing-in the middle of the dot-com bubble.
He's buying value stocks, which is what we're doing.
On top of getting immersed in this world of financial complexities, you're doing all this with a first-time director.
Instead, drug companies are doing more of what got them into this situation.
He believed that one of fiction's main jobs was to challenge readers, and to find new ways of doing so.
But it takes longer to make, and to do it properly, you have to employ eccentric people who insist on doing things their way.
In so doing, however, the censors actually remind us how awful true censorship must be.
More and more companies are saving travel expenses by doing key job interviews via web cam.
New technologies are changing the old ways of doing business.
So you have to say a lot of people who are doing file sharing are engaged in copyright infringement.
We are doing fundamental innovation and bringing that to market within the next three years.
Maybe it would not be a bad idea to find out what the opponents are doing about this, and support their efforts.
It starts with the individual making a decision to be a part of the solution and doing what they can to help.
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