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Exercising on an empty stomach does not help burn more fat.
He does not believe it is the missing factor in the models.
As your power usage increases, so does your environmental impact.
Learning the truth of your nation's origins does not make you unpatriotic.
Is hardy to extreme cold and does not grow more add to my plant list.
Also, a video camera to the screen seems to work better with a computer screen than it does with the iPod.
Strength does not come from physical capacity,but from an indomitable will.
It's what he does for a living, the way he makes some of his money and much of his name.
All of that does not help to bring crime rates down to similar levels as in countries with similar societies.
The season follows the jet stream-as it swings farther north, so does tornado activity.
As their population explodes, so does their genetic diversity.
We know that a society with perfect equality does not grow at the fastest possible rate.
The device has no more bells and whistles than necessary, and it does the job it was designed to do extremely well.
Does best in areas with sharply defined winters, hot summers.
But troweling the surface smooth does require skill.
Normally, wine tasting does not make me think of this movie.
Performs best in cool-summer climates, but also does well in hotter areas if given some shade.
Purchasing does not improve your chances of winning.
Leopard slug does eat garden plants, but it also dines on other slugs.
Does well in patios and courtyards protected from wind.
Not only does this electric venting skylight easily open, but closes automatically once the rain sensor is activated.
Does well with only occasional deep irrigation in summer.
Watermelon does not become sweeter after harvest-it must be picked ripe.
Because the bubbler does little more than stir the water, there's no need for a reservoir beneath the bowl.
Gray-green leaves tend to drop off around bloom time, but this partly deciduous tree does not lose all of its foliage.
These tiles rest on the same kind of framework a wooden deck does.
It does not feed on bougainvillea, but lays eggs on the undersides of leaves.
Does best in cool weather but withstands considerable heat.
Goto has used a regular tomato cage in this example but inverted it as he usually does.
Reduce heat and whisk in butter a few pieces at a time making sure sauce does not boil.
Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.
To be silent hurts no one, to be talkative does the mischief.
He that does good shall find good, he that does evil shall find evil.
And a part of the truth it undoubtedly does express.
He who recovers but the tail of his cow does not lose all.
The fingers of the housewife does more than a yoke of oxen.
One never rises so high as when one does not know where one is going.
Newt does not respond well to nonrecognition of his world-historical destiny.
At first, he can't make out the name on it, but when he finally does he is shocked.
Ethanol from sugar cane does no require additional water.
It does away with a frame altogether, and could soon make your commute emissions-free.
Once there's a spike, there's a limited amount of time you have to act before it does permanent damage to the optic nerve.
The delay does not stem from the need for high-precision.
And then you have to manage protons--and that's what biology does really well.
Unlike some explosives, it does not produce enough vapors to be detected through sealed containers.
It does what it needs to do in a clear, straightforward manner.
Its outer skin is also made of soft, smooth materials so that if an astronaut does bump into it, she will not be harmed.
Although the laws of physics themselves don't provide for an arrow of time, the ongoing expansion of the universe does.
It's not that great as a phone, but it does have lots of fun apps.
It does not allow one to project beyond what is currently known and anticipate what may or may not become known in the future.
What's strange about this idea is that as space expands, so too does the amount of energy.
Exercise can alleviate mild depression, but exactly how it does so is unclear.
Not only does this ensure a lot of variety in her diet, she says, it also is a more sustainable way to eat.
We used breakfast sausage and a savory glaze that does double duty as a salad dressing.
It does-both in the thoughtful recipes and in the accompanying text.
The kitchen only does a few things-noodles, grilled meats on rice, spring rolls-and it does them well.
One eggplant does not fit all, and it's best to grow several varieties.
However, one thing that grave illness does is to make you examine familiar principles and seemingly reliable sayings.
Economists don't include all of the things that nature does for us for nothing.
Some technologies would never be able to do what nature does.
Usually, the coarse nature of middle age hair does not readily respond to treatment.
Rarely does the question of the origins of human language provoke serious attention from linguists.
It does not wait to examine a bigger sample of less cogent memories.
He does tell a wonderful story, he does teach us many subtle and intricate things, he does thoroughly enchant.
Crumb himself, though highly aware of artistic traditions, does not make the same claims for himself.
In merely noting the change of name, the line does not ridicule or condemn the practice.
But then, he does seem increasingly disengaged from scientific work these days.
Evidence shows that screening does more harm than good.
In fact, everything a roast chicken does well, it does best when bigger.
While using what you have is a stalwart green principle, it does not always apply to appliances.
To compensate for lack of yard space, the home has as many outdoor rooms as it does indoor.
But until it does, you'll have to be diligent about weeding because it grows rather slowly.
He does it by moving containerized tropicals under a corrugated plastic roof.
Watercress pesto does double duty, seasoning fish and salad.
Rarely does one gene determine one trait, and rarely does one trait vary because of one gene.
There's someone who does our park checks and there's someone who stays behind and does the clinical work.

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