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It scurries to the beach through a gauntlet of mature birds, dodging frantically whenever one snaps at it, which happens a lot.
By adolescence, boys would make a game of shooting at each other and dodging the arrows.
People can see that you keep on changing the subject and dodging.
We also need to take the incentive out of corporate tax dodging.
Dolphins raced alongside the boat, dodging under its outriggers and occasionally leaping high out of the clear blue water.
His fingers, gnarled by arthritis, would hold the dodging wand.
Her father had been dodging reporters all week, but had seemed totally comfortable with this one.
All of these involved acts that are technically illegal but that many people take part in, such as speeding or tax-dodging.
There are too many questions, too many doubts and he has been dodging far too long.
If you're close to the volcano dodging large rocks is no fun either.
At that point, contact is less than half a second away, and any dodging probably comes too late.
My fighter swoops left and right, dodging bullets and grabbing glowing capsules that give me extra weapons.
Say you spend four hours fighting a boss where you have to perfectly time your attacks while dodging flame and giant rock fists.
Players have to climb the rock climbing wall while dodging falling rocks or they would lose health points.
The tax-dodging claims have struck a chord with voters worried about rising taxes.
In the case of tax dodging, the results were even more striking.
The authorities first accused him of tax dodging after the war.
Politics involves making difficult decisions, not dodging them.
Her war was spent serving food, not dodging bullets.
Her war was spent serving food, not dodging bullets.
Students living in gang torn neighborhoods, dodging conflicts while trying to walk to school.
Dodging the questions certainly suggests that he has something to hide.
He welcomed new efforts to combat overseas tax dodging.
He then ran back across the open space, dodging the enemies' fire.
Grouse are challenging quarry, rapidly flying and dodging through trees and thick cover.
Birds in this group have long tails and short-rounded wings for dodging through the maze of branches in forest habitats.
Back up to the dam and over the fish ladder, and finally dodging fishing boats and sport fishermen to re-enter the hatchery.

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