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And it's a future in which some drugs and vaccines may actually pull a few punches: dodge and feint as their targets do.
Dodge has noticed several incidents that have affected multiple universities.
The rest of the world won't be able to dodge that bullet.
He notes that echolocation, their sophisticated sonar system, allows bats to dodge wires as fine as human hairs-in the dark.
The debris was spotted too late for the space station to dodge it.
Another way to dodge traffic is to predict where and when it will form.
The mimic octopus is an intelligent shape changer that can impersonate a host of other animals to dodge hungry predators.
The new dodge is that it was a long time ago and we're not sure what he was doing.
Even if you dodge those issues, the situation is hardly simple.
All of that can work--it's people's games that you've got to dodge.
Besides the potholes, motorists must dodge the wrecks of cars that have crashed.
Watch a pigeon dodge traffic, both vehicular and pedestrian.
As a result, people have shifted to social media for information on violence and how to dodge it.
Mark tends to dodge the complex question of the relation of journalists or academics to popular opinion.
Felicity not only has perfect foresight, she has also been canny enough to dodge taxes.
So speeding drivers jam on the brakes to dodge them before accelerating off.
Aphids dodge parasitic wasps by hiding amid the hollowed-out corpses of prior victims.
Your flat-bottom canoe will dodge caiman and be portaged past dry patches in the trucks of local ranchers.
But hold that racism card close at hand because you'll flash it as your usual crutch and dodge from accountability.
The popularity of the trust model owes essentially to a tax dodge.
There's only a four-month window for a boat to dodge the hull-crushing pack ice, and few sailors are up to the task.
But this week's dodge will have an unfortunate effect on research.
Take your chances on the circuitous one-way streets to dodge them.
Pliable though this sort of history must seem to purists, companies still cannot dodge difficult episodes in their pasts.
They played dodge ball, capture-the-flag, and other traditional outdoor camp fare.
Its mineral crystal is recessed to dodge blows, and the screw-down crown is offset to four o'clock so it won't dent your wrist.
But it has allowed a series of weak governments to dodge some important decisions.
Whole companies, however, cannot dodge the digital flow.
Fear of a scratch from playing dodge ball and fear of carcinogens.
In part, the tax system is burdensome because people dodge it.
High-income earners have many ways they can dodge taxes.
But that is a dodge, a way of avoiding the harder discussion about what it means to live free and equal lives.
It was too easy for the runner to dodge and outrun the bulls and oxen and not that much fun.
He flexed his muscular arms, bent his knees, thought he could dodge an emu.
These companies periodically change their names to dodge the authorities.
And, apparently, they'll have to dodge landslides too.
The first is direct: you could ask people whether they dodge taxes, or look at the results of spot tax-audits.
The government's economic advisers, both in the finance ministry and outside it, may not be pleased by this dodge.
It's much easier to dodge erasers than bullets and shrapnel.
There is, however, one dark cloud that the champagne world may not be able to dodge: a world recession.
They dodge taxes by registering their boat in the neighboring state.
Anyone can dodge responsibility, but it takes real talent to dodge the consequences of dodging responsibility.
For her to not come for any reason now would be too obvious a dodge.
You'll still see fishmongers filleting the day's catch, but you won't have to dodge so many trucks and trolleys.
He throws that wicked jab and is so quick to dodge trouble.

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