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It's an unwritten rule: each president gets one foreign policy doctrine.
It is sound doctrine for the past, present and future.
Darwin described his theory as the doctrine of Malthus applied manifold to nature.
They very much wanted this doctrine to be part of his agenda.
Over the past quarter of a century, it has become doctrine that depression is primarily a chemical issue.
What was once a footnote to a doctrine begins to seem like the text itself.
And the concept of transformativeness is central to understanding the doctrine of fair use.
In this case the doctrine of determinism holds.
The essential elements in this doctrine appear to be four.
That doctrine constituted a remarkable shift.
You challenge the doctrine in order to make progress.
These implements of warfare were developed to fill a perceived need or follow a specific doctrine.
Unfortunately it is you who can't see the logic as you cling to your faith in mathematical doctrine.
If you question the doctrine you'll be shunned, and labeled a dry drunk.
They are a parody of the minimalist doctrine that all painting had become obsolete.
Indeed, his whole doctrine of modes may be said to be based on oblivion of the fact that a simple idea must be really simple.
His criticism of the doctrine was first thrown out in conversation with his father.
Yet, in spite of formlessness and incoherence in statement, the underlying body of doctrine is remarkably consistent.
He frantically condemns the doctrine of salvation by works and frantically exalts the doctrine of salvation by faith.
There is further the doctrine of metempsychosis to consider.
But many attempts to link doctrine and economics have run up against exceptions and better explanations.
His rationalist doctrine shaped the course of modern philosophy and became part of the cultural bedrock.
The same doctrine requires that there should be an end to this process of aggrandizement.
Abroad, the government has pursued a doctrine of preemptive war.
Combination warfare has already begun, though it has yet to be codified in military doctrine.

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