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He also showed members images of doctored answer sheets.
Doctored images are troubling because they can mislead scientists and even derail a search for the causes and cures of disease.
Either that, or they will be carefully doctored and rewritten.
So they doctored the wine with a substance that binds iron, keeping it away from the tasters' tongues.
Kinda proves my theory, unless the images were doctored.
As these and many other cases illustrate, sentences were based on false, doctored or forced evidence.
While on an overseas whirl of capers and surfing, he doctored a credit card and went on a two-year spending spree.
He was allegedly implicated in tapes secretly made by his bodyguard, although he insists they were doctored.
Defence lawyers have presented forensic reports suggesting that some of the evidence against their clients has been doctored.
The picture later was to be doctored and even colored for various propaganda versions.
Images of blood and the corpses themselves have not been doctored or blurred.
Often these tapes have been doctored or the nature of the transaction was rattled off in a way no one could have understood.
Most important to a cattle operation were corrals where livestock was branded, doctored, and separated for sale.
Investors were kept in the dark about their losses through doctored performance reports.
During the year the government shut down one blog for posting a doctored photo of the president.

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