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Cruise ships dock here regularly, spilling hundreds of tourists onto the main waterfront boulevard.
As he was a best-selling author of the day, the press met him at the dock.
Several former heads of state have also found themselves in the dock on war-crimes charges.
The wall allows deep-hulled ships to dock at the city's edge.
When hormones, neurotransmitters or chemical attractors reach a cell, they dock to and activate a membrane-spanning receptor.
One of the five mechanical cranes has delivered up the bin to a small loading dock.
With the gravity plan, a spacecraft would not have to dock on the asteroid, but instead hover above its surface.
Their mouths are larger than the heads of the people who were standing next to them on the dock.
But getting the cargo to and from the dock was a different story.
We'd get into the dock, when we'd get four or five in there, we'd head for the dock.
After registering at the main office and getting a user card, simply tap at any bike dock and ride away.
The weathered wooden ferryboat bumps abruptly against the dock.
The module consists of a dock with speaker, microphone and ominous glowing red eye.
We stopped next to a dock for ships with reinforced hulls.
Boats from the archipelago leave from the dock outside.
We amble down to the long wooden dock that juts out into the blue bay.

Famous quotes containing the word dock

The hard necessity of bringing the judge on the bench down into the dock has been the peculiar responsibili... more
You turn To speak to someone beside the dock and the lighthouse Shines like garnets. It has become a strict... more
He might begin the Day of Judgement, but he would probably find himself in the dock long before it was over... more
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