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He looked all right – middle-aged, docile features, trustworthy.
Snails would seem fairly docile creatures.
Pink, he had learned in his studies, tends to make one docile.
Our docile hands lay in our laps.
They wonder why their faculty have been so docile.
For such an abrupt encounter, she looked incredibly relaxed and docile.
In fact, most turkeys are docile and shy.
Morse says several teams are out looking for the social but docile Patas monkeys, and that they are no threat to humans.
She will be replaced by a more docile steed.
We can seek to challenge and annoy, as we need not stay docile and quiet.
The rat was completely docile when confronted by the researchers, which suggests the animal was unfamiliar with humans.
Careful evolution has seen the car grow ever more docile and controllable, and yet faster.
At secular privates and big publics, the end is to produce docile consumer-citizens to fuel the late-capitalist market state.
The trainer trains the docile horse to turn, with his sensitive neck, whichever way the rider indicates.
Nowhere was monastic life to find such docile subjects.
Instead of having docile eyes, he would look at the keepers and stare them down.
Elephants are gigantic and usually docile herbivores, but authorities say that wild elephant attacks are increasing.
But experts say bull sharks aren't inherently violent toward humans, and in some environments are even docile.
At first glance they do look rather fierce and perhaps unsightly, but they are actually quite docile aquatic amphibians.
The mules are well-trained and generally docile, but as with any activity involving animals, there is always an element of risk.
Docile horses are available for beginners and friskier ones for more experienced riders.
The docile giants eat only plankton, so snorkelers can feel safe swimming along with them.
Belugas are docile white whales who enjoy attention.
Moose, not as docile as sometimes portrayed, coyotes and the occasional bear will cross your path.
Unless specifically bred for fighting, dogs are more docile than wolves, so that is clearly part of the answer.
With docile domestic investors and a network of friendly cross-shareholdings, there was little outside pressure to restructure.
Even the docile mainstream media were forced to devote more coverage to the opposition, lest readers forsake them.
Yet some think the web's plentiful distractions have made would-be rebels docile.
The state broadcasting company is docile and uncritical of the government.
No doubt part of what they get is a more docile and hopefully more satisfied workforce.
Americans are a law-abiding but not a docile people.
And there's nothing better than a visiting, docile football player.
McCarthy is more docile, and tries to obey whatever commands are given.
Nathalie, however, remains docile-this being a minimal movie.
There are winged males, too, and they are much more docile.
The poet is a trifle too docile in receiving instruction.
The streets are crowded with docile, mostly silent pedestrians, and the children are incredibly well behaved.
Drugs are used to make troublesome prisoners docile.
The wasp bites a roach's antennae off, rendering the roach senseless and unusually docile.
In spite of their size, ligers are said to be docile compared to their parents.
When children are docile and complacent, teachers are happy.
It's easy pickings: pen-raised creatures are more docile than those in the wild.
She too was a pale blonde, but a little tougher and taller than her more delicate and docile friend.
The sea had turned a docile blue overnight under wind-cleansed skies.
In aquatic habitats, it tends to be more docile, preferring retreat or withdrawal to confrontation.
Sick animals, such as with rabies, may appear docile or they may be aggressive.
These docile animals provide a valuable service by eating many harmful insects on their nightly excursions.
Its members maintain their status by being docile puppy dogs, and they remain on the board at the pleasure of management.
The dog was ambulant, remained docile, and did not exhibit any furious signs.
Animals usually exhibit abnormal behavior and can appear especially docile or extremely aggressive.
These docile animals provide us a valuable service by eating many harmful insects on their nightly excursions.
They are docile and easily approached, sometimes landing on observers.
Despite their intimidating look and size, sturgeon are a docile fish.
The airfoil exhibits a rapid, trailing-edge stall, which does not meet the design goal of docile stall characteristics.

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