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You've probably noticed that there's a dizzying amount of chicken literature out there.
The market capitalization of the for-profit sector of higher education shot up to dizzying heights.
These days colleges do so much routine business by e-mail, it is dizzying to think of how those tasks would get done without it.
Trading kept on getting faster and faster, moving to a dizzying pace.
To top it all off, the modernists think that everybody should be able to crank out articles at the same dizzying pace as they do.
The skiff, still attached to the ship's plating, was likewise carried around at dizzying speed.
She appears isolated as life flows around her in dizzying, fast-motion.
The poems he brought back are filled with ancient wonder and strangeness, hermetic wisdom, a dizzying sense of the sacred.
She played dizzying games of hide-and-seek with them.
The pack is equipped with a dizzying array of slots, pouches, and pockets to accommodate workaday essentials.
Next to be tackled was the dizzying overlaying of figures and abstract shapes that appear in many places.
Cities teem with life, and change happens at a dizzying pace.
There was a dizzying intensity to these experiments.
But the overall effect of the book is stimulating, if a trifle dizzying.
So too is the transcontinental development of roads, railways and pipelines, laid at a dizzying pace.
Many poor countries have seen similarly dizzying increases.
Dearer food is a chance to break this dizzying cycle.
The task is complicated by a dizzying array of feuds, which set the tribes against one another.
Many capable artists can paint in a dizzying array of different styles, each seemingly unrelated to the other.
Annuities offer a dizzying array of optional features.
Thousands of pieces of space junk are today orbiting our blue planet, at dizzying and dangerous speeds.
Fun times, although a few are quite dizzying, so be careful if you use it while moving.
Not so: the conceit is maintained throughout, apart from a couple of dizzying interruptions.
Its thrills are dizzying, electric, a filthy mule kick to the greedy core of desire.
His happiness has been a whirl, it continues, it is dizzying.
The financial marketplace, meanwhile, has become a dizzying emporium of choice and easy credit.
It was a clear day, and the trade winds coming off the harbor eased the sun's dizzying heat.
Not only did the city host a dizzying number of film festivals, but its many film programs spawned a new generation of directors.
Going on the already dizzying prices of regular printer ink, the cost is sure to be terrifying.
But as researchers screen more and more substances, a dizzying number emerge from the lab festooned with skull and crossbones.
To make the tale even more dizzying, some snakes then went back into the water, becoming today's sea snakes.
Keeping up with the dizzying pace of fossil finds and their impact on theories of human evolution can be difficult these days.
Conversations with her are a little dizzying because she changes topics and caroms off into tangents so much.
Everywhere she looked, the trinucleotide stutter looked back, dizzying in its persistent mystery.
We now know, of course, that it's one of a dizzying number of galaxies.
Aside from a realistic range of sizes, there is a dizzying amount of condom variety.
Something about the dizzying lights mixed with being broke among successful entrepreneurs made us feel mischievous and impulsive.
But that dizzying figure alone isn't what's causing panic in the marketplace.
We've all seen a generational shift in work styles, and the rate of change has been dizzying.
The dissonance here is thus daunting and dizzying, and making sense of it no small task.
Ours is a country with a dizzying array of policy issues at stake.
The aroma of her handiwork saturates the mist and becomes almost dizzying.
Once a successful well is drilled in ultra-deep water, there's a dizzying number of ways to pump out oil and gas.
She's instantly likable, talking a mile a minute with an enthusiasm that's sometimes dizzying.
Stone's movie, with its dizzying cavalcade of quick cuts and mismatched film stocks, all but turns the story into science fiction.
Upright parallelograms run into one another and finally absorb one another into a dizzying urban mix.
It's a tale that has seemed dizzying in longer accounts, impenetrable in brief summaries.
For us, keeping track of the growing roster of scandal-plagued corporate execs has become a dizzying task.
What it provides, in dizzying abundance, is one damned thing after another.
For the police, the pr challenge alone has been dizzying.
Shoppers confront a dizzying variety of ways to buy a car.
It is a dizzying spectacle that inspires awe and envy, wonder and bewilderment.
Both parties are weighing a dizzying array of political considerations and tactical moves as they decide how to proceed.
Behavioral health programs are changing at a dizzying pace.
One of the biggest challenges for organizations today is keeping up with the dizzying speed of technology changes.
Consumers today face a dizzying array of mortgage products that are marketed and promoted under a range of product names.
My eye gratefully appraises a dizzying world of the expressed seeking to convey the inexpressible.
The missile threat is magnified, for example, by new communications technologies which now emerge at dizzying speeds.
Office-based physicians prescribe pills and potions at a dizzying rate.
Its dizzying maze of mandates and thousands of new regulations threaten to cripple businesses both large and small.

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