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It isn't that divorce happens to marriage- rather, marriage causes divorce.
Agreed, those who cohabit before marriage are more likely to divorce.
So the silver lining in a divorce is retirement will rock as long as you stay free of another marriage.
My family had same issues, but my parents did not divorce.
Divorce is increasing, especially among younger people.
Divorce would free high testosterone males to find other cooperative females with which to reproduce again.
The couple had decided to divorce and were spending one last moment together in the water.
Divorce is sometimes an evil and sometimes the remedy of an evil.
If they did marry, they were at high risk for divorce or separation.
People who took the soulmate route had higher levels of conflict and divorce.
Other studies have found divorce to have little or no impact on suicide risk.
Our modern society tries to pretend divorce and single-parent homes don't affect the children but they do.
She's going through a divorce and confided the details of her situation.
So he might have said some things about the writer during the divorce.
One of you said a divorce would be a good idea, based on your personal experience.
And as a couple, they're twice as likely as civilians to divorce and four times more likely to contend with domestic violence.
Most divorce people find that it takes three to five years to rebuild their lives.
Annulment and divorce are not exactly the same thing.
To make matters worse, she is in the middle of a divorce.
Most conflicts are humorous if you can divorce yourself from any personal involvement in others' psychodramas.
Gang violence and the divorce rate are well above the norm.
My opinion is, don't be precipitous and get a divorce.
But many develop a positive shared parenting relationship even if they never marry or they marry and then divorce.
Maybe the admissions chair is going through a bitter divorce with someone of your surname.
If your husband doesn't come around, you can always divorce him.
Now imagine a bartender robot that could waggle its eyebrows sympathetically as you pour out the story of your messy divorce.
When she worked at a trucking company, the owner of all the trucks told her he was getting a divorce.
They have low divorce rates, arduous work ethics and strict codes to regulate their kids.
Divorce rates were low for the college educated and high school graduates alike.
The divorce for him has meant that he no longer takes me for granted.
Take divorce, which could only be obtained for cause.
Sometimes divorce is the brave and not the cowardly option.
We don't forbid divorce, a more proven and prevalent threat to the health of our society.
It is the season of suicide and divorce and prickly dread, wherever the wind blows.
Speaking of which, even the self-actualized may not be able to afford the heady liberation of divorce.
We know of more than one family continuing to live together in spite of divorce or dissolving family living situations.
Once, years ago, they thought briefly about getting a divorce.
If you're a thinking human being, there's no way to divorce yourself from the world.
And, if things don't work out, they can pull the plug and file for divorce online.
These are words that might surface in divorce court.
She's going through a divorce, and one of her dreams it to chase a singing career.
It was his treat after a divorce, and he took meticulous care of it.
He doles out free advice to his schoolmates on divorce, custody, bankruptcy and an impounded dog.
He wanted to see if the same held, over the longer term, for divorce.
Instead, children are put into the custody of a single parent after divorce.
She told me the officer was going through a messy divorce and was not functioning correctly.
She killed herself with an overdose of prescribed pills two years after our divorce.
Now, speeding toward divorce, they still have a lot in common.
Gray pressed her estranged husband to sign divorce papers, as they squabbled personally and professionally.
But should it happen, you now can give the perfect wedding present: divorce insurance.
Unfortunately, one of the best predictors of marital dissolution is whether the couple come from homes of divorce.
But the manual doesn't make exceptions for other things that make us sad--divorce, financial stress, a life-threatening illness.
Families affected by divorce may also have step-children or children from only one of the partners involved in the divorce.
If you are filing your divorce on your own, you will be responsible for all copies and mailings.
If you are married to the other parent, you will choose either the dissolution or divorce packet.
In order to get a copy of your divorce decree, you must contact the county seat of probate court where your divorce was filed.

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