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The room he'd seen was the museum's taxidermy division.
He was head of the bank's wealth-management division at the time.
Cancers can start in almost any body cell, due to damage or defects in genes involved in cell division.
Included in the growing roster of potentially beneficial sponge molecules are ones that fight inflammation and cell division.
Propagate by division or from cuttings taken before flower buds form.
In other words, there's a locked-down spy division and a relatively open geek division.
GE plans to sell its consumer and industrial division.
The team also found that hormones controlled the rate of cell division in a mouse's developing digits.
The holographic division consequently gives us a rather neat way of writing down the following symmetry balance equation.
When a wound is healing, cell division must be sped up.
Maybe the handset division will prosper as a standalone company.
The division between inflation and real growth would vary from year to year.
The orderly and accurate division of cells is vital to the survival of all living things.
If they shorten too much, no further division is possible.
The world's division of labour is determined by the relative abundance of skilled and unskilled workers.
Each cell division takes place within a new plane and at right angles to the last cell division.
Until now, researchers believed our brain had a basic division of labor between gray matter and white matter.
Eventually, the telomeres become too short for division to occur again.
Core of corn emerges in this close-up of the nucleus of a plant cell undergoing meiosis, a form of cell division.
The responder can either accept the division or reject it.
We don't pretend to understand math, and anything beyond long division leaves us pretty much stumped.
The police department did not have a centralised narcotics division because of fears of police corruption.
The division of the companies, however, will result in a tax-free distribution to shareholders.
It's an unprecedented show of power for one division in one league.
Still a third method, known as extended time division multiple access, is also a year or more away.
As the division of global labour becomes ever more fine-grained, small tasks rather than whole industries move abroad.
The old binary division of the world-between rich countries which give aid and poor ones which get it-is gone.
Net sales have declined for the past four years and the camera division is unprofitable.
Nobody is being killed because of the island's division.
But all in all the division of the spoils seems a good one, and surprisingly free of acrimony.
The division between manufacturing and services has become redundant.
In the thigh the anterior division of the femoral nerve gives off anterior cutaneous and muscular branches.
Previous to its division it gives off two or three small branches to the pyloric end of the stomach and to the pancreas.
After birth, the bone is sometimes divided by a horizontal suture into an upper larger, and a lower smaller division.
Division among free nations is a primary goal of freedom's enemies.
The posterior division of the femoral nerve gives off the saphenous nerve, and muscular and articular branches.
Near their points of division each sends upward an anterior perforating branch to join the corresponding dorsal metatarsal artery.
The division of the heart into four cavities is indicated on its surface by grooves.
The expression of these kindly feelings were not restricted to a section of the country, nor to a division of the people.
That's good news if you're, say, the best pitcher in your little league division.
If necessary, the division between top and lower compartments can be removed to create one large storage space.
Here, however, the cell has been caught in the act of reproduction by division.
Most of the division's employees had already been transferred to other parts of the company.
On the committee were two other division directors, two upper-level administrators, and two faculty members.
The division champions will then go on to the main arena to playoff to determine the world champion.
The hardware team is using whatever discretionary power it still has to make its move to keep this zombie division alive.
She can tell time and do simple math, including multiplication and division.
And let's face it, you know your pooch is smart, but probably figure his math skills topped out at long division.
Any division of life into personal and political halves is absent.
The problem is not division but partisanship-advantage-seeking by private clubs whose central goal is to win political power.
We had been in reserve and had gone back up on the line to relieve some kind of pacifist division.
They know he threatens their politics of division and rule.
It is unclear, however, how they will handle the division of their winnings.
Joe knew that this time he was fighting way above his weight division.
They're going to-the press is going to try to find division immediately.
That's the ticking of the clock-- although nobody really knows how the telomere clock might control cell division.
In his division, he's broken four national racing records.
The second mutation affected cell growth and division and the third affected the cell's environment.
But until now, the idea of such a division of labour among flatworms would have been laughable.
In almost all cultures it also establishes a division between contrasting economic and social roles.
It is interesting to look at some professions requiring good spatial skills to see the division of genders in those areas.
The contentious mathematics of division applies to everything from birthday cake to real estate.
Also, you double the number of significant digits after every iteration instead of getting only one new digit as in long division.
There was a breakdown in that division and there was a breakdown from the top.
Yet there is something strange about all this heat and division.
The division has recently mailed the second and final notice in our annual list maintenance process.

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