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In the economist's lexicon, widgets are private goods because they are divisible and separable.
Pick any year divisible by four, and chances are there will be unfathomable oddities.
One is that every fifth number, and only every fifth number, is divisible by five.
Forgive me, but that's a bit much to take, especially since this isn't even a year divisible by four.
Zeno's arrow would never reach the target if space and time could be infinitely divisible.
Many people learned in school that any year divisible by four is a leap year.
At the same time, they are portable and easily divisible.
It is durable, portable and easily divisible into bars and coins that share uniform properties.
Divisible load permits are issued annually and by the month.
Introduce the vocabulary words, multiple and divisible.
Provide a dimming system for the divisible meeting rooms as indicated on drawings and herein.
If they are considered non-divisible, they would be eligible for issuance of a special overweight permit.
To determine if you need a permit, first you must make sure your load is not divisible.

Famous quotes containing the word divisible

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We operate exclusively with things that do not exist, with lines, surfaces, bodies, atoms, divisible time s... more
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