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Example sentences for divination

But in reality, it's almost always probabilistic, more calculation than divination.
Common-sense advice, rather than any divination of high-risk opportunity, is the major task for a retail broker.
But as an actor himself, he knows that any divination of truth here has to come primarily from within the performance.
But there are other types of weekly cycle as well, usually based on a system of divination.
My grandfather had studied and excelled in the arts of divination.
The ring thing is of course a form of divination and divining has been busted plenty of times.
Yet he never believed or contended that he possessed exclusive powers or an extraordinary divination.
Instead, he trusted the omens and divination, or rather he misread the signs from the world of the gods.
The old kinships between knowledge and divination, the mirroring reciprocities of language and fact, break off.
Suddenly he recognized some of the formularies of a spell or a charm or an utterance of divination.
Now it is used for medicinal purposes and divination.

Famous quotes containing the word divination

The whole world is an omen and a sign. Why look so wistfully in a corner? Man is the Image of God. Why run after a ghost... more
Poetry is the heaven of the working reason. Poetry is a divination of the spiritual in the things of senseā... more
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