divider in a sentence

Example sentences for divider

Its lineup of wine bottles on a divider between the bar and dining room confirms the wine country connection.
The sectioned shelves of a room divider display a collection of hand-painted mugs.
He even thought about getting a divider for their room, but rejected the idea because it would simply accentuate the confinement.
It wasn't a traditional two-room suite but rather a huge single room with a small divider in the center.
As a community organizer he shone but as the great divider of our people he is a disaster.
The first is that he is such a polarising figure-a divider rather than a uniter.
Before calling him a divider, consider that people of goodwill may disagree and remain united.
They will prefer to punish the divider's greed rather than take a small benefit themselves.
One halfway modular divider enables specific equipment setup.
The interior features a divider to keep your skis from scraping during travel.
Then he swiped his fingertips three times along the bottom of the stall divider.
Bush is proving to be a uniter, not a divider, all right.
Diodes were installed at each divider's output to prevent current from reversing into a failed, or failing divider.
The connection is part of one side of a voltage divider.
Complete the calculation as shown to obtain the divider.
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