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The only way you can get a negative result is for either the divisor or dividend to be negative from the beginning.
Note that the first $50 of dividends from stock you get is tax-free.
Give him a few shares of a high-dividend stock.
Unless entire villages see community recovery as a peace dividend, Jones says, reintegration isn't likely to take root.
And it cut its quarterly dividend to 5 cents a share, from 13.25 cents a share.
Stock yields no dividends until claims of bondholders have been met.
Accumulate it until the dividends cover your gasoline expenses.
By law, these are not considered dividends but returns of overpayment.
In the 1950s, nine out of ten American companies paid dividends.
If you can stand even more risk, consider a blue-chip stock with a decent dividend and a history of raising it.
Along with the pleasure comes a hidden dividend: health benefits.
By all means, return the tax as a dividend, but the important thing is to quit digging this hole.
The simple answer is reduce subsidies for this industry, and implement a tax-and-dividend.
The simplest way to internalize the costs is with some variety of a tax-and-dividend on fossil fuels.
Shareholders receive annual dividend checks based on how much electricity their turbine has generated.
On one hand, they want the biggest, fattest dividend check possible.
Over the long run equity returns comprise the current dividend yield plus dividend growth.
It proposed a capital-gains tax on dividend payments and scrapped that, too.
They should particularly seek firms with a strong dividend yield.
It even had the cheek to propose increasing its dividend.
Politicians are mooting a state guarantee for the fund and tax exemptions for its dividend payments.
The search for retirement income in today's low-yield environment inevitably comes back to dividend paying stocks.
If your dividend is less than you annual premium, you will receive a bill for the difference.
The dividend discount model can be a worthwhile tool for equity valuation.
Ex-dividend means the holder has no rights to the dividend.

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