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Exceptionally strong currents divided the populations.
Townspeople are divided over what to do about the invasion.
Still grand on the exterior, the windows have been divided within by the insertion of a new floor.
However, bubbles and proteins divided against themselves will not stand, and the foam will collapse without a little stabilizer.
Lenten rose can be divided, but doing so is not recommended, since divided plants take several years to recuperate.
Then they divided the space inside into two seating areas and a dining area.
With age, finely divided leaves drop to show clean, green trunk ringed with leaf scars.
Ornamental species and forms can be divided into two categories: evergreen and deciduous.
Divided into four test plots, the garden is an example of how to achieve high performance in tight spaces.
So named because its finely divided leaves resemble a bird's foot.
Its leaves are divided into three leaflets with scalloped, toothed, or lobed edges.
Leaves vary from pale to dark green, usually divided into leaflets.
When the day is done, you'll get to take home some of what you've divided.
One immediate conclusion is that flu researchers are divided among themselves.
Descriptions of the latest books, divided by category.
The two sides seem bitterly divided on almost every point.
One of its fine qualities is the way material is divided according to how relevant it is to an academic audience.
The teaching load is two courses per semester, divided between the graduate and undergraduate levels.
The diverse student body is about equally divided between traditional and non-traditional students.
The college is divided into eight sections or academic units.
Avoid grids that can be divided in two by blackening either two symmetrical squares or the center square.
D-pad is divided into four distinct sections, giving you better control and accuracy in fighting games.
They then divided that pie up by keywords that fit different industries.
Further optical magnification shows how each scale is divided into sections of iridescent colors.
He recruited several dozen undergraduates and divided them into two groups.
Fifty three undergrads were divided into two groups.
In order for one species to diverge into two, a population must be divided into groups that cannot interbreed.
Then they divided the animals into two groups: some rats received food from other animals, whereas others did not.
Based on the lab animals' reactions, they divided the samples into two groups: highly lethal and relatively benign strains.
The root causes of the pain of shin splints can be divided into two areas: muscle and bone.
One of the first things that anatomy students learn is that the brain is divided down the center.
Forty-one college students with golf experience were divided into two groups.
The bacterial research showed that genes are essentially divided into two functionally distinct regions.
Use tail meat, divided in fourths, and large pieces of claw meat.
First, the sovereign authority is one and simple, and cannot be divided without being destroyed.
In order to facilitate the description, each subclavian artery is divided into three parts.
It runs upward and backward, parallel to the central sulcus, and is sometimes divided into an upper and a lower ramus.
Wasps are divided into two primary subgroups: social and solitary.
It is further divided into four regions, or lobes, in each hemisphere.
On the new divided highways that funnel people into the unplanned city, oxcarts were heading the wrong way in the fast lane.
Ask students to think about whether or not their cafeteria is divided into regions.
The chapters are divided into subsections which contain the step-by-step directions related to each chapter's topic.
The two subspecies of walrus are divided geographically.
Bighorn sheep live in divided herds: ewes and lambs together in larger groups, rams in smaller bachelor herds.
When it came down to individual issues, the readers were a little more divided.
The land is divided into many different watersheds, and this is your chance to find out which watershed is yours.
Tell students that the world is divided into regions that aren't always clearly defined.
Located on a steep hill above a production center the size of a city, the cemetery is divided into two parts.
The stride is divided into three phases: the slap, the stroke, and the recovery.
The mountain should now appear to be divided into quadrants.
He divided irreplaceable plant specimens, secretly distributing them to friends for safekeeping.
But scientists are divided on how, or whether, hunting skills and mating success were connected.
The surprisingly complicated controversy that has divided journalists for years.
For three centuries, scientists have divided living things into tidy species.
They then filmed these subtly different actors as they divided in two.
Now, public health officials are divided on how to ensure that the disease stays eradicated.
They are all listed in the summary report, and divided into three categories.
They divided the area into smaller plots, and varied the climate of those plots wildly.
The brain is divided into two hemispheres that play different roles in perception and behavior.
The sample is equally divided between the three populations.
It can be divided more ways for one thing, which is why so many things are sold by the dozen.
Fossils offer some clues, but opinion is divided over what the clues mean.
They were formed by genetically identical cells that grew and divided, but never separated.
In other words, the fact that our system has often produced divided government proves that the public wants divided government.
It has become clearer than ever that the movie year is divided into two parts.
The state conducting the trial is fragile, divided, and in danger of failing.
The people who attempt to educate public opinion about nuclear weaponry seem to be divided into two groups.
Scroll left and right to see how different portions of wireless spectrum are divided up for different purposes.
The device is divided into cells, each consisting of inflatable rubber diaphragm and a bidirectional air turbine.
It has been divided into three parts for presentation online.
In addition, capacity in densely populated cities must be divided among more people.
And so it went on, until all life was divided into species.
In their study, the researchers randomly divided a group of students into liars and truth tellers.
The entire productive land was divided among clans and their families.
Then, the file is divided into chunks so that each user's computer only has to upload a small piece of it.
The users were also divided on whether the superimposed images of their fingers were helpful.
News coverage provides more or less continuous content that is divided up into sections that often have little or no connection.
The inner ear is essentially a fluid-filled tube, divided along its length by a thin elastic membrane.
Imagine a box filled with air but divided in half by a barrier.
Historically, printing has been divided into several camps.
It is also partially because attention gets divided between many videos rather than concentrating on one.
In their study, the researchers randomly divided volunteers into three groups.
Psycho is a half-movie which itself is divided neatly in two.
The side of the reef ran perpendicular to the shore and, along with the mangroves, divided the two beaches and their waters.
Instead, the show has divided its focus into a kaleidoscope of subplots.
The brothers, divided by temperament, leaned in opposite directions.
There once was a time when the drug cartels divided the smuggling turf, the so-called plazas, precariously among themselves.
They bloom best if given full sun, and they produce more flowers if they are divided periodically.
We know that the country is divided today, because people say it is divided.
Public opinion on the law is divided but also uninformed.
It is easy to see why commentators might expect the case to be closely divided.
Nor is it divided into chapters that might indicate the path to be traversed.
The main interest of this book stems from the contrast between the two parts in which it is divided.
Philosophers are divided on the question of whether the narrative therein unfolded is grippingly boring or boringly gripping.
Nowadays, you pay a pretty penny for true, divided-light windows.
Hiring professionals are divided about cover letters.

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