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Example sentences for diverting

One possible solution may involve diverting some allocation of funds from athletics to internationalization efforts.
As always, the city's more intimate concerts provide a diverting complement to larger fare.
The easily redirected beams could send continuous pulses into clouds, diverting controlled lightning to safe targets.
In the case of landfills, diverting materials to recycling also decreases greenhouse gas emissions.
On the contrary, society has taken the course of diverting attention from this whole field.
Diverting food crops into fuel production leads to ever more land clearing as well.
Why not plan for that now while diverting potential flood water and protecting lives and property.
The presence of a conscious element with diverting methods, is not the ideal lab atmosphere.
We borrowed money to finance the war on terrorism rather than diverting other national-security funding or raising taxes.
We also have no rational system for identifying and diverting people who aren't dangerous.
Many downstream fear the impact that diverting the lake's overflow would have on their water quality and riparian ecology.
But replacing bureaucrats is easier than diverting whole bureaucracies.
They believe their design works by a different mechanism--instead of diverting the phonons, it slows them down considerably.
Either you are being deliberately diverting or rather thin skinned, probably the latter.
The saga of the well-worn jeans on the move continues to be a warm and pleasantly diverting tale.
So when someone is overwhelmed with information, an augmented cognition system would try to help him cope by diverting some of it.
The two often form part of the same project, but diverting an entire river arouses still more green hostility.
Diverting taxpayer revenue to supporting them must diminish economic activity in other areas.
Such techniques might work, if only because diverting money and attention to a social problem tends to alleviate it slightly.
We both acknowledge that biofuel crops are diverting arable land from food production and that grain reserves are alarmingly low.
Amid these diverting illustrations and examples, the reader can lose track of the book's argument.
It means diverting wealth from the state to the individual and the private sector.
There have been no crashes of aircraft because we've gotten pretty good at diverting them.
Diverting ileostomies are created to protect a rectal anastomosis or in situations with a risk of intestinal perforation.
Diverting lava flows by artificial means is a largely untested and costly option for protecting developed areas.
Thus, diverting interstate traffic would do little to reduce traffic volumes.
Diverting ferry traffic away from downtown streets improves pedestrian safety and reduces congestion.
They often examined various programs aimed at diverting juveniles from crime, and her results invariably were surprising.
Because it's diverting and even educational to contemplate the various ways the world might change.

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