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Reading, where it exists at all, has largely become an unprofitable wing of the diversion industry.
Once these measures were in place, the diversion plan could be reconsidered.
Only about half of this important watershed is left today due to water diversion and draining.
These tales have spawned legal battles, comics-page yarns, and endless dinner-table diversion.
Your weekly diversion is a little puzzle about four knights and four dragons.
Fear itself has changed, from an obstacle to a diversion.
Your two minutes of brain-sizzling diversion can be found here.
After a day of playing, relaxing by the beach was a welcome diversion.
Even more useful for the forests would be diversion of fuel source to the various weeds that plague the world.
The diversion menu is larger, with lots of screen tools and toys to fill their leisure hours.
It's an old and persistent myth that has served as a virile diversion from the effects of one's own failures.
One colonist brought a set of porcelain cups, another a miniature windmill for diversion.
If students aren't culturally literate, a welcome diversion can help fill in their gaps of knowledge.
Fear of fuel diversion is growing, along with fear of proliferation in general.
The locals had built a rock and mud dam around it in a diversion arch.
Realizing when a diversion has gotten out of control is one of the great challenges of life.
He dealt with them through a mixture of denial and diversion.
Droves of children descend on the stranger, hungry for diversion.
One placebo or another can be a dangerous diversion from proven therapies.
First, they worry that preferential tariffs will cause trade to flow in inefficient ways, a process known as trade diversion.
It began as a between-periods diversion at hockey games.
Some diversion will happen, but firms that have tried tiered pricing have found ways to reduce it.
Lodge excellent diversion from the vicissitudes of politics.
Lots of screen time here, all for play and diversion.
It is not, for all that, an entirely benign diversion.
Lawn bowling is a good diversion from too much relaxation.
Let's bring back the discussion to cleaning up the environment, and forget this diversion on global warming.
Comparing the success of the greedy elite per country and their propensity to gobble up everything in sight is a diversion.
And a smartphone may be a great decision for practical reasons as well as for diversion.
Other presidents have been drawn to the game because it relaxed them and offered a diversion from the cares of office.
Objectively considered, the soap opera is either a diversion or a contagion.
Even thinking about following that course is a self-destructive diversion.
Cobbled together from unused fragments that had been intended for a film, this work is normally treated as a pleasant diversion.
Singing is represented as a pastoral, amateur diversion.
There's going to be some large scale strategies, freshwater diversion that puts freshwater and sediments back into the marsh.
The diversion isn't filling the marsh with sediments on a grand scale, she says.
Yet even the softer diversion cuts in the current proposed plan appear unacceptable to the irrigation industry.
The artwork itself provides another impetus for the trip and may turn out to be more than a diversion.
The little ragamuffins immediately quitted their diversion, leaving the quoits on the ground with all their other playthings.
The event marked a milestone, forcing humans to yield dominance of yet another strategic diversion.
He also stopped using racism as a strategic diversion.
The argument against this is that diversion of agricultural land to fuel production will decrease food supplies.
Or a hacker could overload an emergency response by reporting multiple accidents to create a diversion.
So you're sitting at the computer at home, looking for a little diversion from those chores you have to do.
Some are tempted to think of life in cyberspace as insignificant, as escape or meaningless diversion.
When children do seek a diversion in sport, many find it on the basketball court.
Writing was neither hobby nor diversion, but lifeline.
Why dogs in the workplace can build connections among co-workers and create a healthy diversion from work.
As a diversion, soldiers run over dogs with armored personnel carriers.
Finishing the previous project makes room for a new diversion, and being productive pays for the trip you want to take.
For chronic hair pullers, that diversion turns into addictive psychological relief.
Surfers, both in and out of the water, provide visual diversion.
From the economic misery, heroes offered a diversion.
These were movies that loosened the tuxedo tie and the tongue to provide an intoxicated if not intoxicating diversion.
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