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Economic reforms are aimed at developing the private sector and attracting foreign investment to diversify the economy.
Its economic fortunes depend mostly on declining oil resources, but the country is trying to diversify its earnings.
The data further show that these superorders of living mammals started to diversify much earlier than the fossil record suggests.
Farmers are looking for ways to diversify, and a few have opened their cottages to holiday visitors.
Strive to diversify the economy and limit population influx to sustainable levels.
The dog should be taken for walks regularly to help diversify his environment.
Some of those derivatives, for example, didn't diversify risk as well as their creators had believed they would.
Past efforts to diversify the economy had more or less failed.
We need to diversify genetically, to adapt to new environments and live on new worlds and look at the universe through new eyes.
How a company chooses to diversify is a critical yet overlooked aspect of why it does so.
And yet, removing all subsidies would be the best way to diversify our energy economy.
GE believes that now is the time to strengthen, expand and diversify our energy infrastructure.
Social media can be used to reach new readers and to build and diversify membership.
But somehow, it appears that only one lineage survived to rapidly diversify into modern extant eukaryotes.
Some held that, in the absence of extinctions, species would diversify endlessly.
In efforts to diversify their revenue streams, the colleges welcome adults.
Still, the government has been trying to diversify the economy.
The practice began as a strategy for elite private colleges to diversify their student bodies.
We need to find more ways to expand and diversify higher education beyond traditional degrees earned in late adolescence.
He also hopes that the college continues to diversify its transfer pipeline.
Diversify your applications to include many different kinds of universities.
As students' learning options continue to diversify, that number will surely grow.
The pressure to diversify all programs across the board will intensify on college campuses.
Officials promoted their cities as financial hubs as a way to diversify away from oil.
And regular investors--long advised to buy stocks, diversify and stay patient--are taking the beating.
The drive to diversify doesn't only flow from the end of the global settlement.
Some technology companies are also doing deals to diversify into adjacent businesses to gain market share.
The government hopes this will spill over into other sectors and help diversify the economy.
Attempts to diversify neighborhoods is probably one of the biggest causes of sprawl.
For instance, the need to diversify was long ignored.
Over the years, the firm has tried to diversify, buying businesses making dairy and food-processing equipment.
Its mayor turned up at the annual general meeting and urged the firm to diversify away from nuclear energy.
It wanted to diversify its suppliers and keep costs down.
Fairtrade producers can use the premiums they receive to make the necessary investments to diversify into other crops.
As they get richer, investors in the developing world will diversify their portfolios.
But when people have enough calories they need to diversify towards vegetables, pulses and meat.
But a predictable and safe business always brings pressure to diversify, especially for quoted companies.
Their ageing founders long to diversify their firms and propel them into the top ranks of the financial establishment.
He promised to balance the budget and diversify the economy, at a time when the growth in tourism seems to be slowing.
Foreign investors can diversify their risk by holding a portfolio of projects.
As countries industrialise and diversify, their exports grow, which sometimes results in a trade surplus.
When the gas returns, the debate will turn to plans to diversify supply.
Firms that now choose to avoid developing countries can still diversify in rich ones.
In business, diversify your interests for a variety of possibilities.
The firm wanted to diversify beyond corporate and real estate work into government relations and lobbying.
They need to diversify their ensemble much more and their programming.
You've probably heard that investors insulate themselves from harm when they diversify, or buy a variety of investments.
Thus, farmers did not diversify and rural poverty levels were not reduced.
Wind energy is an indigenous, homegrown energy source that helps to diversify the national energy portfolio.
The department also conducts ongoing hydropower research to further diversify the nation's energy supply.
They diversify and enhance human diets and improve our living environment and personal well-being.
Payments for ecosystem services can diversify income sources and alleviate financial risk.
Producers who diversify their agricultural operations will be in a position to capitalize on these changes.
So you'll need to consider these costs when deciding the best way to diversify your portfolio.
Fiduciaries must act prudently and must diversify the plan's investments in order to minimize the risk of large losses.
Our hedge fund portfolio helps us diversify our investment portfolio and control risk.
Exporting enables companies to diversify their portfolios and to weather changes in the domestic economy.

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