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During the current downdraft, diversification has not shielded many investors.
The paleontologists say their discovery advances understanding of dinosaur evolution and diversification.
But whether a similar pattern of developmental diversification characterizes the other hominids, they add, remains to be seen.
It can be tough choosing between a stock portfolio's upside potential and a mutual fund's low-risk diversification and management.
While some have limited their diversification to other forms of the energy business, many utilities have wandered far afield.
In the long run, less diversification has to mean higher risk, on average.
Dell's executives argue that the firm's diversification strategy is already bearing fruit.
Energy efficiency and diversification is necessary for today's world.
Cisco's diversification into the server market is fraught with risk.
Of course there are a lot of examples of diversification of genome.
The choice between specialisation or diversification may be more complicated than it appears.
In the current climate, though, diversification in any form is worthwhile.
Diversification allows you to invest without putting all your eggs in one basket.
Dont forget the lack of diversification or the effect of local knowledge.
Diversification is a means for exchanges to benefit from fast-growing or especially profitable parts of the financial markets.
Insurance companies stay in business by managing risk, and the key to managing risk is diversification.
Never mind that the bear market was supposed to have taught investors tough lessons about risk and diversification.
The second objection is that there are diversification benefits to the universal-banking model.
Diversification does not absolve lenders from being prudent in their credit decisions.
To some degree, this diversification will also be forced upon the new bank.
Diversification of export markets remains incipient.
Economic diversification will proceed, but oil will still drive the economy.
There has also been some diversification of export markets, especially in the past year.
Perhaps a central planner wouldn't have been as concerned about the economic diversification of factory towns.
The idea is that investors will enjoy the fat returns that hedge funds can bring, but that diversification will diminish the risk.
Many have converted into limited companies, to raise funds for expansion and diversification.
When funds believe that diversification always pays, they all invest in the same exotic instruments.
Yet this aversion to politicians did not hamper the family's diversification efforts much.
In the past decade it has also encouraged diversification.
And the copycat portfolio offered investors many of the same benefits of diversification as the fund it mimicked.
For investors, however, convertibles offer cautious diversification with the prospect of good profits.
Yet two obstacles stand in the way of economic diversification.
And newer deposits tend to mix gold with other ores, so diversification will continue.
But not all diversification is popular with investors.
Investing across indices provides more diversification anyway.
Part of that increase would be due to the loss of genuine benefits from risk diversification.
Improved marketing and diversification could reduce the pain of future slumps.
None are excluded from achieving that diversification of pursuits among the people which brings wealth and contentment.
The process of regional diversification was spurred by the air war, and is now apparently to be maintained and extended.
Part of why today you hear that diversification of an areas industry is important to their stability.
For one thing, investors in distressed stocks often rely on diversification to make the strategy work.
At the same time, energy efficiency and diversification will increase.
Whalen oversaw a broad diversification into mutual funds, public finance and litigation.
The cost-cutting boosted earnings and fueled the firm's next phase--diversification.
But market risk is manageable through diversification and sticking to reasonably safe securities.
They distorted their economies in the name of diversification, for example by growing wheat in the desert.
And diversification across many product categories and markets enables the firm to spread risk.
Energy companies boasted of their diversification out of fossil fuels.
In such a climate, one might think that diversification would help.
Most people think that economic diversification is the best way to reduce poverty.
Unfortunately, the region's diversification plans lack much diversity.
But they have made noises again lately about more diversification.
The source of this seems to be a new diversification of crops.
Call it a stable source of capital for its economic diversification and infrastructure development strategies.
Joint ventures, mergers, all the other forms of diversification are allowing them to reach new markets.
Vanguard has provided indexed mutual funds that allow high levels of risk diversification at low transactions costs.
Fixating on the dollar losing its hegemony misses the point that the cause of the diversification is problematic.
One way investors can manage these risks is diversification.
Real diversification includes investments that do not move in lock step when the market turns south.
Through diversification, however, their funds can achieve stable returns.
Diversification simply means that not all of your eggs are in one basket.
Pastoral diversification is defined as the pursuit of any non-pastoral income-earning activity.
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