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That doesn't mean that our divergent worldviews don't matter.
As to Poe's character and personality the most divergent views have been expressed.
The two have remained friends, even as they have taken divergent paths.
This is what scientists call a divergent boundary.
Novak's soft pastel pencil drawings do much to bring unity to the divergent writing styles represented.
When we know how this process really works, we can start to develop in interesting and perhaps divergent ways.
So in the same study, we can see that there is a divergent trend between these two forms of cancer.
Clearly they are as divergent as can be.
On the other hand, networks are by nature decentralized and thus divergent.
Interviews are notoriously unreliable, with different interviewers giving widely divergent scores.
But while visitors to the two museums may arrive together, the museums themselves came here by divergent paths.
The second type of boundary is called a divergent boundary.
They already have a number of links of with sometimes divergent points of view on the topic.
The two daughters had quite different upbringings, and as primary guardians of the estate they play equally divergent roles.
We met as colleagues and had career tracks that were both divergent and convergent.
But that may be unavoidable given their divergent growth paths.
Not surprisingly, studies that try directly to measure the distributional consequences reach divergent conclusions.
The researchers also found vastly divergent health results.
Taboos are put in place to ensure they don't share their divergent thoughts out loud-that would, after all, bode ill for unity.
But it also allows the discussants to exploit divergent meanings to obscure reality.
High-level statecraft requires a talent for telling divergent groups of people what they want to hear.
We risk filling the time with consensus, rather than exploring divergent, multi-disciplinary viewpoints.
Each major carrier is taking divergent paths to build out their next-generation networks.
Learned behavior, channeled along innumerable different paths by divergent cultures, is what allows us to do so.
In life as in science, small underlying variables can translate into wildly divergent outcomes.
Industries with divergent business models simply couldn't find common ground.
Again, it's better to be closer in age, but lots of successful matches exist in couples with divergent ages.
They ignore divergent papers and, as they will readily admit, may not even answer each other's letters.
These colleges educate students with wildly divergent interests, goals and abilities.

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