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Review the difference between convergence and divergence.
Between that root and those tips lie millions of branching points, representing historical moments of evolutionary divergence.
The great divergence and critical difference is between two concepts of public law.
But there is also a divergence of intellectual tradition.
That is one of the reasons there is a divergence in price between oil and gas.
Here the divergence in viewpoint between the economist, the businessman, and Congress is likely to be less than usual.
Untruthful is a softer term and suggests lack of veracity and divergence from fact: made an untruthful statement.
Acoustical factors influence the choice of a tempo but account less for the divergence.
There are several reasons for this divergence.
He notes that there has been a sharp divergence in capacity .
This divergence is bound to last and its consequences are already predictable.
There may or may not be a sight divergence between the tea party movement's leaders and its rank-and-file participants.
Even within major cities there is a growing divergence of interest between blacks and whites.
The first signs of divergence between appearance and reality may emerge at the interview.
There will be an increase in social inequality if this divergence continues this way.
The failure to develop a coherent national security strategy led to a dangerous divergence between foreign and military policy.
Any policy response to this divergence in views is necessarily complex.
Divergence in growth between the rich and developing economies is expected to become increasingly marked.
The divergence between the world's big three will compound the risks in each one.
Moreover, the overall figures for exports mask a striking divergence between goods and services.
The longer the economic divergence within the euro area persists, the more profound its political consequences.
The main reason is the divergence in economic conditions between the two areas.
Any divergence that shows up sets off alarm bells in those looking for funny business.
Such a dramatic divergence of official economic opinion is rare.
Although the overall performance of the euro area has been satisfactory, the divergence among its members is growing.
Not only is it holding back the euro area as a whole, it is also increasing the divergence between members.
Some degree of divergence is inevitable, but more co-ordination is needed.
But its weakness, taken with the divergence of hiring and vacancies, suggests that other explanations are needed.
When air aloft suddenly moves away from an area faster than it arrives, they call this divergence.
One noticeable divergence is the scope and tone of challenges made to housemates during their stay.
In the details of divergence, they have sometimes had the better of us.
In the beginning, our chief divergence related to the cultivation of the feelings.
The implications of such a wide divergence of opinion are frightening.
But it is not simply a divergence of opinion that surfaces here.
Whatever the explanation, the divergence is problematic, and not only for theoretical reasons.
Whenever there is such profound divergence between law and social practice, it is not society that adapts.
It also captures a larger portion of the beam with less divergence, creating even finer images.
Something seems to be restraining the natural tendency of filoviruses toward genetic divergence.
Basically there is divergence on either side of the plane of fixation and convergence.
These sorts of differences have allowed geneticists to calculate relationships and moments of evolutionary divergence.
Obviously something was screwing up the tree-ring data for that time period, so it was dropped after the divergence point.
What s more is that the valley s formation occurs around the same time as the divergence of humans and chimps.
He was making the case that we've had a divergence, where the culture of literature and the culture of science have separated.

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