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Tell students that as part of evolution, species can converge and diverge over time.
Parallel beams can therefore be induced to converge or diverge.
But now the economy rewards specialization, so workplaces and lifestyles diverge.
How countries fare in terms of their rankings on the two variables can diverge considerably.
But even among the world's paragons of corporate virtue, reality and rhetoric diverge.
In order for one species to diverge into two, a population must be divided into groups that cannot interbreed.
Future doesn't really diverge much from the standard formula: you run, double jump, and shoot things.
The move comes as the strategies of the two companies continue to diverge.
In practice, they diverge because of statistical errors.
The geometry and properties of space diverge along two formulations, according to whether matter or space is dominant.
That's where the popular story appears to diverge from reality.
Yes, there's a problem if the interests of shareholders and management diverge.
Where they do, private costs and benefits diverge from public costs and benefits.
But even movies that diverge from these stereotypes are misleading.
But as locals know well, parts of his record diverge from it.
Sad to see some in this discussion diverge to discomfort regarding pro and con, although discussion is substance of inquiry.
But on matters of principle, the leftist parties diverge.
And cities are likely to diverge even more from this in future.
Species diverge into strains, who might become species again.
Such freedom can leave the patient bewildered, especially when professional opinions can diverge so widely.
Real bond yields diverge markedly from nominal yields.
It takes only a little more mathematical imagination to find ways to make parallel lines diverge.
At these ridges, magma rises into the upper mantle and crust, as the plates diverge.
On one social indicator, however, the two groups diverge much more obviously: inequality of incomes.
It may be that there are confounding factors that mean that investor's interests diverge from broader economic interests.
Where they diverge is in their methodology, articles and burden of proof.
Infinitesimal gaps or errors in information cause forecasts to diverge completely from reality.
If they didn't, the altimeter reading would gradually diverge from the true measure, endangering the safety of all aboard.
From there, paths of stone and wooden planks diverge.
Hominids began to diverge from chimpanzees about seven million years ago.
The clear visual distinction between the two drives isn't the only place their paths diverge.
And if you wanted to diverge from the main stream of the conversation, you could easily start a new topic in the conference.
Where averages and individual perspectives diverge.
On the climate legislation being once more attempted this year, they sharply diverge.
The subjective experience and the objective event share a spatiotemporal coordinate set, but they diverge sharply from there.
They cut off the data sets when the results began to diverge from the narrative.
Therefore, the redshift is due to photon-to-photon gravity, which acts as photons travel thru space and diverge from each other.
As a result, potential output can temporarily diverge from its underlying trends, making it even harder to estimate.
When they diverge, it's usually better to place more emphasis on the payroll number.
As long as you allow free-choice breeding people are going to continue to diverge.
Often academic economic theories diverge dramatically from practical economics.
And if these two boys were to keep their respective teachers for three years, their lives would likely diverge forever.
But the two strategies sharply diverge over how to speed up productivity growth.
Here, though, the parallels begin to fray and diverge.
Development of locomotion in humans seems to diverge from that of other animals after the stage of independent walking.
That, in turn, caused economic performance to diverge.
When they arrive, they part in silence and for a long while their lives diverge.
But while both countries struggled with democracy, economically they began to diverge.
Thus the cinematic versions begin to diverge from its origin.
Physical separation has caused their flora and fauna to diverge.
But remember that fossils rely on visible phenotypes, which may diverge from what genes tells us.
The first thing that changes when two populations of mormyrids start to diverge is their electric song.
As you move to the tails of the distribution they begin to diverge.
But when it comes to specifics, aims and competencies often diverge.
As the cultures of these two great academic blocs diverge, anthropology is in danger of being torn apart.
The laser beams diverge as they speed through space.
My gut-feeling is that the proportion of included posts does not diverge substantially from the proportion of submitted posts.
There is a more basic reason why these ideas may diverge from reality.
It's an estimate and the further you extend out a trend, the more chance you have of having the trend diverge from observation.
Convection currents diverge where they approach the surface.
We group freeway truck accidents by ramp type, accident type, and by four conflict areas of each merge or diverge ramp.

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