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The finding solved the mystery of how they manage to stay underwater as long and dive as deeply as they do.
It allows me to dive into my talk with a minimum of fuss.
Believe me, the first thing people do when faced with the angry end of a firearm is dive for any nearby shelter.
My prose did improve, although its veracity took a dive in this period.
The dive site is best for experienced divers as strong currents and deep water drop-offs exist in the dive locations.
The coastal waters of this state hide several shipwrecks within both basic and advanced recreational dive limits.
The dive must be booked in advance, and all divers must be accompanied by an authorized dive master.
Dive travel books include dive site descriptions, advice and detailed maps.
Trying to set records for deepest dive on one breath.
My penchant for skywriting has taken quite a dive since this incident.
The idea is that countries that are printing a lot of money will see their currencies dive.
Much is being made of today's vote, so let's dive right in.
The pilot lurched into a steep, spiraling dive to minimize the plane's exposure time to ground fire.
But even when animals are abundant they don't exactly dive eagerly into your rig.
The pilot pressed his joy stick for a slow-motion dive.
But it's entirely possible that terns could be exposed to an oily sheen as they dive for fish.
Sometimes it's easy to tell when a romantic relationship is about to take a dive.
The strangest part of the dive, though, was the eeriness of diving under a thick yellow ceiling of plankton.
The second rocket could dive into the cloud, collect some of the spray and emerge from its dive by means of an auxiliary jet.
The deeper that physicists dive, the more the concept of reality keeps swimming away from them.
There are some key components which we'll dive into.
The other whales start to dive and our boat slows to a stop.
They dive and jockey for position on the narrow shoals or perch by the dozens in bare cottonwood trees.
But once fishermen discovered how easy it was to spear the fearless fish, the groupers' population began to dive.
It is the value of a brilliant dance or dive when the memories have faded and the ripples died away.
She always had the range to do soaring runs or dive-bombing accents, but often avoided them.
They pause or dive for dictionaries and laptops, or turn to ask.
All of a sudden, the silvered fuselage of a tactical jet flashed down in a dive beneath us.
Then you dive your foot in it and then after, you return the lining, put it back on your legs.
Dive teams scoured the river, and a plane scanned the area from overhead.
When he prematurely announced that he'd come up with the bulb, stock in gaslight companies took a dive.
No howler by the keeper, no muffed offside call, no melodramatic dive to set it all up with an unjustified free kick.
Kemp's ridleys in nearshore areas feed on the bottom, which means they have to dive through the oil.
Minutes beforehand, mortars had come shrieking into the base and forced everyone to dive for cover-a fitting send-off.
The survivors go to war in return, which provokes more of the same in a circular dive that spirals beyond recovery.
Shareholders and customers were begging them to dive into this new, highly profitable world.
If he flew too slow, the plane would stall, and he would nose-dive.
Dive into fun and explore the world's oceans from surface to sea floor.
Remember that you don't dive to take pictures, you dive because you want to enjoy being immersed in an alternate universe.
While some communities have scuba equipment or air-supplied hookah rigs, others free-dive, putting their lives at risk.
On a typical dive you'll encounter hundreds of schooling hammerheads, giant manta rays, and white-tipped sharks.
Harnessed up and ready to dive, the fat penguin looks as though it has its own mini scuba tank.
With the onset of the credit crunch cigar smoking took another dive.
Show him a grand piano, and he'd have to dive into it.
The decrepit, bony creature's head almost touches the ground while hovering birds dive to peck his back.
If a new line of clothes is condemned by the critics, part of the fickleness of fashion, the company's share price will dive.
Nor, for that matter, for the sea: he claims fishermen have been dive-bombed and their nets destroyed.
To get at the nitty gritty it is necessary to dive into molecular biology.
Widespread reactions of this sort could steepen its dive.
Regulators should investigate if he's been paid to take a dive.
The major effect is that they can destroy exports, so industry and tourism takes a nose dive.
So before taking a dive in the sea, it is a good idea to take a deep breath.
So you can wash your hands of it all or you can dive in and try to figure out who's right and wrong.
The birds learned to identify an aggressive researcher and ignore the others-and eventually they dive-bombed the malefactor.
Groups of crows would sometimes mob the researchers as well, squawking and dive bombing them.
There's also an enigmatic dive in which the seals sink slowly, then drift back up to the surface.
So, before you dive into writing, you need to step back and decide if you've actually constructed a strong case.
When the fish are packed tight, the whales dive into the middle of them with jaws agape.
His editor suggested he cut this section and dive straight into the action on the island.
Letting your body dive into a state of dependency- unintelligent.
For good measure they occasionally dive-bombed the animals with a stuffed owl slung from an ingenious network of pulleys.
The right long since ceased being attached to continuity: what they appear to seek is a headlong dive into the abyss.
Those people may be the ones to dive into the science, ask the silly questions and investigate the stranger sides of things.
Drop anchor somewhere remote and dive off the deck for a swim.
Regardless of where you plan to dive, please consult a more detailed dive guide and map in the area you intend to dive.
Dive duration may be affected by weather conditions or any required launch or recovery operations.

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