ditto in a sentence

Example sentences for ditto

Wallow in memories of the ditto machine and armor plate.
To practice medicine, medical school is essential; ditto for law.
And now, ditto its impact on the win-loss record.
I'll volunteer to run off copies of our papers on a ditto machine.
The sit-ups were brutal, ditto the push-ups.
The sand is lovely; ditto the palms and rainbows.
Pecan pie is tooth-achingly sweet; ditto the rhubarb pie.
Subsidy policy is immaterial here - ditto government contracts.
Ditto for when the sun arcs high and a sight-hunting predator might more easily spot you.
Ditto any number of irregular shapes and combinations of them.
Ditto an all-too-brief excursion to outer space, the series' first attempt at dogfights.
Ditto if you're caught with copyrighted pics that aren't yours.
Ditto for turning up your nose at doing data research.
Ditto after reading the works of a few scholars and writers who are tangentially or not at all related to my research.
Ditto for transgenic flies, cell lines, sequencing etc.
If the faculty as a body chooses to leave these decisions up to individual instructors, ditto.
Ditto with the waiting to respond to emails that are annoying.
Ditto for the following environmental issues hot off the press.
Ditto for every time they took an antimalarial drug and it failed to work.
Ditto for every other aspect of our evolved human selves.
Ditto antioxidants found in pomegranates, red wine and licorice root.
Ditto for fruit juices or honey, which have become increasingly popular.
Ditto for the car's extreme fastback silhouette and low-raked-back windshield and roofline.
Ditto the honesty, straightforwardness, and empathy.
Cut a stalk of celery in small cubes, ditto a green pepper and large onion.
Ditto for taking your pets to work-although there's always a way to one-up.
Ditto his promise never to hire lobbyists, and to post bills online for five days before he signed them.
Ditto if you want to be able top afford medical care later in life.
Ditto those who recycle more often or throw out less, compost and watch their personal environments.
The same could be done for competing intelligence agencies, and ditto for some military expenses.
Ditto for a lot of advantageous outcomes from warming, and there are many.
Ditto methinks for excluding the ice dwarfs from the planet count.
Ditto his decision to open coastal areas for offshore oil drilling.
Ditto for the notions of government neutrality and free expression.
Ditto with the adjacent fig trees, whose fruit comes earlier in the summer.
Ditto for all these cats running with this team of rivals notion.
Ditto hospitals outside of rural areas where the majority of us do not live.
Ditto for a ticket to the doll retailer's in-store musicals.
Ditto for the students, who played paper-rock-scissors to divvy up seconds.
The use of ditto marks, lines through columns, or other non-specific marks are not to be used.
If schedules are filled in by hand, use a straight line as a ditto mark if the carrier name is repeated.
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