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We can look through the observation window in the side and see what's going on without disturbing the bees.
To give interest to a garden without disturbing its serenity, vary textures.
It is a matter of absolute certainty that it is a disturbing element.
In the tops of the trees the wind began to play, disturbing the sleeping birds so that they flew about calling plaintively.
He can then start his day all by himself in the barnyard hours without disturbing any one, and in comfort to himself.
The effects on higher education are no surprise, but they are disturbing.
The implications for academic researchers are clear and disturbing.
Intentional or not, such practices send a disturbing message.
There is a disturbing lack of evidence presented by those disagreeing with the authors' hypotheses and conclusions.
Over the next few months, however, a disturbing trend started to emerge.
What's disturbing is that few parents kick in when students start having to repay.
There is an absence of both directing ideas and disturbing idealizations.
Among blacks the destruction is particularly disturbing.
Here she raises the disturbing idea that someone might actually want to die.
But he held views that struck me as strange, even disturbing.
Yes, the behaviors he cites range from silly to disturbing.
It's terribly disturbing, and one would think that something had to be horribly wrong for someone to do that.
Stay out of the desert washes to avoid disturbing wildlife.
Instead, there is a replica of an existing individual-and that's disturbing at a gut level.
They were really disturbing photographs, in a way, because the cabin was absolutely ripped apart.
At almost an inch long, disturbing a hive of these creatures could have dire consequences.
Paper towels, for me, make hardly any sound and are not disturbing.
She had been preoccupied with a host of disturbing thoughts.
Ninety-nine percent of the tinnitus sufferers said the treatment got rid of the disturbing phantom sound.
Ironically all his so-called mathematical arguments are false and what is more disturbing he knows so.
The stories painted a grim picture of life in the lab, noting disturbing psychological responses in the chimps.
The pace of these weather events is increasingly disturbing and distressing.
Phosphorus mining has a beneficial side and a disturbing side.
And if that's not disturbing enough for ya, the leech with teeth was actually discovered up some dude's nose.
Her mind began to race with disturbing thoughts about her own marriage, which was unstable, and feelings of self-loathing.
The growing familiarity of the statistics does little to ease the painful realization of how disturbing they are.
She was decidedly non-violent, but her behavior was disturbing to those who had had no contact with mental illness.
The part about organic farms using pesticides was disturbing.
His reputation deserved or not did not count in his favor due to his disturbing scientific behavior.
It exploits the fact that it is impossible to make measurements of a quantum system without disturbing it in some way.
Indeed, why not explain the choice the participants make by confusion created by the disturbing situation.
He feels profoundly tired and has muscle aches that are so disturbing he can neither play golf nor do his usual exercise.
Thanks to this fact, red light allows the camera to observe deep-sea organisms without disturbing them.
So it can be disturbing to find out that the entire surface of our skin is sheathed in microbes.
But if you want a gas blower that won't get you ticketed for disturbing the peace, this is it.
The idea that language influences thought is a profound, exciting and possibly disturbing one.
The disturbing point for the future is that none of the underlying causes of conflict enumerated above has disappeared.
But more disturbing could be the loss of access to cheap and convenient funding.
Indeed, the motivation behind many of the mergers is itself disturbing.
They managed to do what had previously been thought impossible: they probed reality without disturbing it.
More disturbing still is that even some basic facts are not agreed upon.
But some polls throw up genuinely disturbing information.
The disease disorients bats, disturbing their sleep and causing them to fly when they normally don't, during hibernation.
At their best, they created beguiling or disturbing dream worlds.
Since then they have been closely monitored, and the results are disturbing.
And the fact that he was murdered by two ten-year-olds was disturbing.
The results are somewhat disturbing, if you're a utilitarian.
More disturbing are the conditions inside these hospitals.
It is truly disturbing to see how two people discuss how to share a cake while one of them keeps gobbling it up.
The others-both exceptional debuts-focus on a disturbing present, yet are haunted by unexplained disappearances.
It is sometimes disturbing the areas of science that humanity explores.
It is somewhat disturbing to actually come upon someone who is as mentally disturbed as yourself.
Within this framework, all forms of violent or disturbing content are inappropriate for children.
There's no way to avoid disturbing some of it, but you want to avoid excessive fishing around.
The fact that people lack legal status is itself disturbing.
The consequences of eating meat, and our increasing reliance on factory farms, are almost as disturbing for human health.
All this information struck me as disturbing, and therefore interesting.
The disturbing thought is that the shape of the endgame, and its toll, is still something this family will help determine.
Instead of one, there are seventeen, each of which can be fixed without disturbing the others.
His derelict environments are a visual corollary to his characters' disturbing dialogue.
They tell me a lot more graphic and disturbing stories than that.
Even the partial list you provide is disturbing on it's own.
The curse specifically warns against disturbing the tomb or placing another corpse in it.
In fact, you may discover that you can delete a paragraph without disturbing the overall story at all.
Okay, this practice of photographing ever cooler stuff is officially starting to get disturbing.
But more disturbing to me is the total lack of perspective when it comes to current spatial patterns.
The increased focus on violence as a good solution to problems is disturbing.
For someone to come in and undermine confidence in their ability to repay their debts, it's disturbing to them.
Sometimes they were funny and sometimes they were disturbing.
The alleged threat would have been disturbing if it occurred.
At its best, it's a disturbing entanglement of delirious smut and devastating horror.
That's a lot of disturbing imagery you're giving us.
At times his cross-examinations went on forever as he attempted to distance the jury from disturbing testimony.
It raised disturbing questions about the relevance of governments and the exercise of power.
No, he would stayed home drawing disturbing faces on coconuts, because that's what legends do.
The albino crocodiles are fascinating and disturbing to behold.
But now other, more disturbing questions have evolved.
What's almost as disturbing is that few if any good films have ever captured it until now.
It also demonstrates the disturbing lengths to which courts are now going to create new rights for corporations.
It shouldn't be surprising that research on consciousness is alternately exhilarating and disturbing.
They are disturbing, confusing, and they have a multiple significance.
He found overwhelming evidence for a disturbing conclusion.
Having a computer program available during play was as disturbing as it was exciting.
With respect to the responsibility of intellectuals, there are still other, equally disturbing questions.
In its discussions of the momentum of climate change, however, it does introduce one particularly disturbing statistic.
The charge is disturbing, but not without foundation.
There is a rich and rather disturbing variety of human weaknesses to consider when watching a doctor at the patient's bedside.

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