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Scientists, not surprisingly, are disturbed by these developments.
No doubt you now understand why these linguistic mysteries have disturbed my sleep for the past couple of years.
Their forest habitat is being disturbed and destroyed in many places.
Long-lived but initially slow to grow, peonies sulk if disturbed.
As with a phone interview, you want to make sure you won't be disturbed.
We are also disturbed by a general unwillingness among faculty to grant that they may have a role in the high dropout rate.
In addition to being targets for lawful protests, college chiefs attract visits from angry or disturbed individuals.
Students could have been in the area, and in her disturbed state could have been targets as well.
Most of the guys who do these rampages are not overtly disturbed.
He hopes she won't be disturbed until she has brought off her goslings.
She is simultaneously attracted to bodies-they can dance a minuet, for example-and disturbed by their corporeality.
If this is your first dip, you're likely to be both fascinated and disturbed.
Violet is not especially disturbed by her husband's disappearance: she's too busy with herself.
They make trees look spooky, and they prefer not to be disturbed.
It disturbed me, however, to have felt so confident about what had happened that day and to have been so wrong.
He says he was able to identify all three of the dead whose remains had been disturbed.
These out-of-position stars indicate that something has deeply disturbed the way things were in the galaxy.
Whoever they choose has to be willing to be shocked, frightened and disturbed by what they see.
Most wrecks in shallow waters have been disturbed by treasure hunters.
The government will ginger up their training, including special help in looking after disturbed children.
He explains his behaviour in terms of a disturbed childhood that taught him to keep his private life walled off from public view.
Deeply disturbed children can be upsetting in one of two ways.
Highly disturbed to start with, he was kept in a sensory-deprivation box for years on end.
Carla, with the help of a friend, runs away from her increasingly disturbed and hostile husband.
They stay perfectly still while resting and when disturbed they raise their head and stiffen their body, simulating a branch.
Generally found in less disturbed habitats than house finch.
Whether the newfound snake was disturbed by the camera flash or simply bit off more than it could chew isn't known.
Gradually they become accustomed to being followed by humans and are no longer disturbed.
But the bird is probably learning to fly and shouldn't be disturbed.
Knoll thinks something big-he's not sure what-disturbed the seas.
But then you publish the photos, and some people are disturbed by dead-body pictures.
Believers tossed goats, geese, and monkeys into the mud to appease the dragon supposedly disturbed by drilling.
Also this is the reason that brain gets awake when this process is disturbed.
Other millipedes are known for their more overt chemical defenses-for example, emitting noxious compounds when disturbed.
The companies disturbed a fragile landscape that supported fishing and farming.
If possible, set up the magnetometers in a place where they will not be disturbed.
It is somewhat disturbing to actually come upon someone who is as mentally disturbed as yourself.
These small quakes were felt on the surface and disturbed nearby residents, but they caused no structural damage.
Typically, copulating males are disturbed by one to four rivals.
The walls throughout are solid so that the cows will not be disturbed by outside noises or movements.
If it's disturbed, you may have this type of behavior.
She looked stronger, but more episodes of bradycardia had disturbed her night.
Yet there is no widely accepted explanation of how a particle happens to choose a single state when it is disturbed.
If this planet were in our solar system, there would be chaos as its gravity disturbed the orbits of all the outer planets.
The estuarine environment also changes when the balance of freshwater and salt water is disturbed.
There are also physiological signs--somebody's sleep pattern being severely disturbed.
While some of the youngsters are obviously disturbed, others are simply leftover punk rockers, eager to shock the adult world.
For as long as clowns have been making us laugh, they've disturbed us too.
The king admired her gravity and wisdom in so tender an age, and would not suffer her to be any more disturbed on that account.
We have likened the dream to the night watchman or sleep-defender who wishes to protect our sleep from being disturbed.
It will be well not to be too much disturbed by the thought of either isolation or entanglement of pacifists and militarists.
Their disturbed circulation makes them cold, their distress makes them unstrung, sleepless.
Suddenly an idea mingled with the alcoholic fumes that disturbed his brain.

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